Monday, April 19, 2021


Politico reports:
William Barr, Trump’s former attorney general who resigned two days before Christmas after disagreeing publicly with Trump’s voter fraud conspiracy theories, recently sold a book about his time at the Justice Department, according to three people familiar with the deal.
We're not told much more about this -- who the publisher will be, what the advance was -- but I don't expect the book to sell well. If Barr had laft office a year early, he might have been seen as a hero in MAGA World. But here are some of the most recent headlines about Barr at Gateway Pundit (which is where I go to measure Trumpist sentiment):
* Barr Says He Will Not Appoint Special Counsel to Investigate Election or Hunter Biden (December 21, 2020)

* Bill Barr Did Not See Fraud Because He Refused To Look (December 26, 2020)

* “Orchestrating a Mob to Pressure Congress Is Inexcusable” – Former Attorney General Bill Barr Piles on Trump (January 7, 2021)

* “He Was Really Working Against this Administration in a Lot of Ways” – Trump Administration’s Peter Navarro on Deep State’s AG Bill Barr (February 7, 2021)
GP ran a piece yesterday citing a Washington Post report that said Barr refused to release sensitive documents that Trump loyalists hoped would turn what they call "Spygate" into a massive scandal. GP's response to this story is about as subtle as you'd expect:
Bill Barr turned out to be more dedicated to the Deep State than to the President and America. It took nearly two years but his true colors showed at the end of his time in office.

We knew after the corrupt election with thousands of instances of crimes and fraud across the country that when Barr’s response was to do nothing on behalf of the American people, he was not a good guy. This was not complying with his oath. It was shameful and potentially criminal.

Now we know it was Barr who recommended not releasing information to the American people that would show the crimes by the Democrats and others involved in the Trump – Russia collusion sham. He likely prevented these documents from being released because it would have shown the DOJ’s total disgusting anti-American bias and criminal actions in covering up this same scam.
So your MAGA relatives will give this one a wide berth.

The Politico story also mentions a forthcoming Amy Coney Barrett book. For that one, an advance is mentioned, and it's in the seven figures, which makes sense because there's a large Christian book market. She'll do fine.

We're told that COVID skeptic Dr. Scott Atlas has a book coming out from a division of Post Hill Press. Post Hill is the publisher of forthcoming book by one of the cops who shot Breonna Taylor -- a book that Simon & Schuster won't distribute despite its ongoing distribution arrangement with Post Hill. S&S doesn't seem to have problems with COVID nonsense like Steve Deace and Todd Erzen's Faucian Bargain, also published by Post Hill, so I assume it will raise no objections to the Atlas book. It will undoubtedly carry blurbs from Alex Berenson and Laura Ingraham and be a bestseller.

And Politico also tells us that there's a new book coming from the very Trumpy Peter Navarro. Will the MAGAs buy that one?
Navarro declined to say who the publisher was, but did say: “I can tell you it won’t be Simon and Schuster based on their unethical cancel culture treatment of Josh Hawley and his fine and powerful book on the social media oligarchs juxtaposed against their publication of the whitewashed book by Hunter Biden that conveniently ignores his sellout of America to communist China.”
I think we have our answer.

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