Wednesday, April 28, 2021


It's widely assumed that Rudy Giuliani is in deep trouble after the FBI raids on his apartment and office in Manhattan. That may be correct, although I never believe any of these bastards will ever truly face justice.

But I see a star rising on the right.
Andrew Giuliani, son of former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, called the raid on his father’s apartment and office exemplary of “politicization of the Justice Department.”

... Giuliani’s son, who is considering a run for governor, made brief comments to the press Wednesday saying he’s “disgusted” by the “continued politicization of the Justice Department.”

“It has to stop,” he said. “If this can happen to the former president’s lawyer, this can happen to any American. Enough is enough. The only piece of evidence that they did not take up there today was the only piece of incriminating evidence that is in there, and it does not belong to my father, it belongs to the current president’s son.”

Twenty-four hours ago, Young Andrew was a failson with big ambitions. By rushing before the cameras, he's now the #1 defender of a MAGA martyr who seems on the verge of being crushed by the merciless jackboots of Amererica's most sadistic partisan warriors ... um, Joe Biden and Merrick Garland.

Andrew's going to be on Fox a lot in the foreseeable future.

Which probably makes him the instant front-runner for the Republican gubernatorial nomination in 2022. That would be excellent news for Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo seems to have no intention of either resigning or announcing that this will be his last term. His many scandals make him vulnerable in 2022 -- after all, if Maryland, Massachusetts, and Vermont, which are even bluer states than New York, can elect Republican governors, then theoretically the New York GOP could find a candidate who could beat Cuomo.

But Andrew Giuliani is not that candidate. Being the son of a possible MAGA felon would make him popular with the party's voters -- and then he'd go down to a Carl Paladino-level defeat.

Perhaps Young Andrew will now decide not to run. The New York Republican Party should hope he doesn't, because he could clear the GOP field.

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