Tuesday, November 10, 2020


It's getting scary out there. The White House budget office is ordering federal agencies to prepare a Trump budget for next year as if he'll still be president. The White House is vetting possible appointees for this nonexistent second term. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said today that “there will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration.” Joe Biden isn't getting the intelligence reports he's entitled to as president-elect. Melania Trump is refusing to meet with Jill Biden. (Just imagine if Michelle Obama had snubbed Melania in 2016.)

But if this ultimately ends with Biden sworn in on schedule and Trump escorted out the door, I think there's at least a possibility of a Republican crack-up. Consider what's going on in Georgia:
This was supposed to be the week that Republicans united behind U.S. Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue for a pair of Jan. 5 runoffs that could decide control of the Senate.

Instead, the two senators leveled unfounded claims of a disastrous “embarrassment” of an election at fellow Republicans who oversaw last week’s vote - and called for the resignation of Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger....

We’re told the president and his top allies pressured the two Republican senators to take this step, lest he tweet a negative word about them and risk divorcing them from his base ahead of the consequential runoff.

And shortly after, Trump and some of his inner circle started tweeting attacks at Raffensperger....

The intraparty war included Gov. Brian Kemp, who echoed the two senators' criticism of Raffensperger but didn’t go as far as supporting his ouster. Georgia GOP chair David Shafer, who has recently staged “Stop the Steal” rallies as Biden’s lead in Georgia has grown, joined in.

Along with election officials, Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan was on the other side of the dividing line. He took to CNN in the morning - before the senators' statement - saying there was no evidence of any systemic wrongdoing. He has been lit up by Trump supporters for speaking the truth.
Eventually -- we hope -- the Trump end-timers will lose. Biden will get the electoral votes that are coming to him and will become the next president.

Assuming that happens, the Republican crazies -- who seem to be the majority of the party -- will take out their wrath on everyone who "allowed" Biden to win an election in which he got the most votes and the most electoral votes.

Everyone who said the election was legitimate will risk never being able to run as a Republican again. There'll be demands for the ouster of every judge who rules against Trump. People who haven't made any concessions to Democrats or liberalism throughout their time in politics will be persona non grata in the party just because they couldn't make specious fraud allegations stick.

Republicans who thought there were limits to partisanship will find their careers ruined because in today's GOP there are no limits. There'll be angry protests by AR-15-wielding Trumpers. There'll be death threats. There'll be many primary challenges.

But first we have to get Trump out. We will get him out, of course ... wbon't we?

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