Friday, September 20, 2019


For anyone wondering what the GOP response to the Trump whistleblower story will be, here you go:

First, shooting the messenger: Co-host Steve Doocy says,
How does this stuff leak out through the intelligence community, where it winds up in the pages of the big papers, like The Washington Post and The New York Times?
Trump's pre-William Barr acting attorney general, Matthew Whittaker, is brought out to give the answer: It's the Deep State.
This is a clear example of someone that's part of the Deep State, someone part of the Deep State and the intelligence community, taking advantage of this whistleblower procedure and then trying to create this firestorm. I think it is completely overblown, where this person who clearly disagreed with whatever the position the president did take in this conversation wanted to get that out there. Their version of world politics was different, and they disagreed with the president whatever he said, and so they're trying to get that out, and they get it to The Washington Post and they get it to Congress, doing exactly what they intend to do by this story running.
Also this, from Senator Josh Hawley:

I'm not sure, Bill, what the actual facts are, and maybe we'll find out over time, but it looks to me like another Deep State attack, I mean, another bureaucrat attack, bureaucratic attack, on the president. We have seen this over and over and over in this administration from anonymous sources deep inside the bureaucracy. Frankly, it has been an unprecedented attempt by the bureaucracy to resist the policies of a duly elected president of the United States. So, we'll see the facts actually are on this over time, but so far, I have to say I'm not impressed.
(Key word: bureaucracy. Someone must have focus-grouped that.)

And from Senator Marsha Blackburn:

You're never going to see the attacks stop. The left is not going to give up because they cannot even accept the fact that they lost. They lost the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton is not president. Donald Trump is president, and in 2020 he will win reelection, and we know that he is going to continue to make certain that our allies understand they're our friends, those that are coming to negotiate with the United States know that Donald Trump is going to walk away from a bad deal, he's not going to make a bad deal, he's walked away from them already, and certainly we have found out how bad the JCPOA that was with Iran, the Iran deal as people call it, how bad that was for the U.S., and Harris, you know what? We wouldn't be having these issues with Iran right now if we did not have that Obama-era JCPOA that gave them more cash and more leverage and the ability to enrich that uranium.
Apparently she didn't get the talking points -- she just did her own version of highlights from a Trump campaign rally speech. (I'm not sure what Iran has to do with any of this, unless she knows something we don't.)

So there you go. These messages will carry the day with Trump's base, and will probably bamboozle a significant percentage of swing voters -- this won't cause Trump's approval to move by even a point. In Congress, Republicans will stonewall this, and the Trump-corrupted courts will no doubt back up the White House's own stonewalling. So there'll be no consequences for the president.

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