Sunday, September 08, 2019


Baghdad Brad Parscale -- the guy who predicts that President Trump can more than quadruple his 2016 support among black voters next year, and also claims that the president can win New Mexico because "Latinos support this president" -- is making another implausible prediction about the GOP beyond 2020:
President Donald Trump’s campaign manager predicted Saturday that the president and his family will become “a dynasty that will last for decades,” transforming the Republican Party while hewing to conservative values.

[He was s]peaking to a convention of Republican Party delegates in Indian Wells, California....

“The Trumps will be a dynasty that will last for decades, propelling the Republican Party into a new party,” he said. “One that will adapt to changing cultures. One must continue to adapt while keeping the conservative values that we believe in.”

Parscale later declined to elaborate on his prediction of a coming Trump “dynasty,” or whether the president’s children could become candidates for public office.

He told reporters after the speech, “I just think they are a dynasty. I think they are all amazing people with ... amazing capabilities.”
You might think I'd agree with Parscale -- after all, I've predicted on several occasions that Donald Trump Jr. has the inside track for the 2024 presidential nomination, a prediction echoed last week by #NeverTrumper Rick Wilson:
Republican political strategist Rick Wilson predicted that Donald Trump Jr., the president's eldest son, will run for office in 2024 and is likely to secure the GOP nomination in a Daily Beast op-ed published Thursday....

"... the clues have been there all along that the real 2024 primary will be between Donald J. Trump, Jr. and everyone else." ...

"He is fluent in the language of whining, dickish grievance-mongering, which has replaced modern conservatism," Wilson said.
Junior certainly is that. I've thought for a while that he looked like a strong candidate for 2024, but then this happened at the end of August:
Donald Trump Jr. ... spoke on Thursday at a rally in Kentucky for Gov. Matt Bevin (R), who is running for reelection in a tight race against state Attorney General Andy Beshear (D).

Local CBS station WYMT reported before the event that “locals expect a memorable turnout.” And indeed it was, but perhaps for all the wrong reasons for Trump.

... according to Louisville radio station WFPL, only about 200 people turned out for the Bevin event at the Appalachian Wireless Arena. The venue has a capacity of 7,000....
I'd been assuming that in 2024 he'd be embraced as the best possible Trump surrogate -- but that sparse crowd tells me that he may be seen by the deplorables as Frank Sinatra Jr. to his father's Chairman of the Board.

Even if he stirs up interest, I don't think he can actually win a general election. Much of America thinks his father is a brilliant businessman -- he played one on TV for fourteen seasons. Junior is ... a guy who hunts big game and trolls liberals on the Internet. To Republicans, that's a strong set of qualifications, but not that strong. There are too many up-and-comers in the GOP political establishment who know how to campaign and troll. They can probably beat Junior in 2024, and some might even be able to win a general election.

And who would win Trump Senior's backing in the primaries? I'm not sure Dad likes Junior enough to back him wholeheartedly. He'll probably regard Junior's candidacy as a manhood challenge.

As for Jared and Ivanka, you know that I don't see any chance of a successful presidential run by either one -- GOP voters regard them as liberal Democrats, while the rest of us regard them as Trumps. Who'd vote for them?

This doesn't mean they won't try to run. Maybe Ivanka will be stupid enough to go for a third-party bid in 2024 or beyond. Daddy would like that. But it won't work. Third-party bids never do, especially by platitudinous trust-funders with no natural political constituency.

Parscale probably hopes he can work for Ivanka (or for Junior) if there's a campaign -- I think that's the reason for the flattery now, unless he's worried that he could be fired in the middle of this campaign if he doesn't flatter the kids sufficiently.

In any case, I think Donald will be the last Trump to win the presidency -- not because the Trump kids will go to prison soon (this is America -- we don't send the economic elites to prison). It's because non-Republicans despise the Trumps and the GOP doesn't like any of the younger ones enough.

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