Friday, March 29, 2019


Sure, I'm all for subpoenas.
At a Thursday briefing, senior House Democratic staff ... emphasized that [Attorney General William] Barr all but refused to give [House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerrold] Nadler an unredacted copy of the [Mueller] report....

It's all setting up a major confrontation next week if the Justice Department doesn't send the full Mueller report to Congress by Tuesday, as six committee chairmen have demanded.

The next step, the staffers said, would be a subpoena. "We'll have more to say on April 3," one staffer said.
Acting through proper channels is good -- but I also think it's time for members of the public to break out the chicken suits.

Trump administration officials and Republican House and Senate memmbers -- particularly the nine GOP members of the House Intelligence Committee who have demanded that Adam Schiff step down as chairman -- ought to be followed around by citizens in chicken suits asking whether the administration is too chicken to let the public read the full Mueller report. People in chicken suits should show up near Mar-a-Lago the next time the president visits. And while I'm generally opposed to restaurant harassment of Republicans -- driving them out of public accommodations just engenders sympathy for them, and does nothing to change the way they do their jobs (look at Sarah Sanders) -- I think clucking at them in public places would be a nice form of protest.

I say this in part because the president of the United States, in what can only be called a really early campaign rally in a state he fears losing in 2020, attacked Schiff's manhood last night.

(In fact, Schiff has competed in triathlons in the past decade, something I imagine would be beyond the abilities of Trump's children, never mind Trump.)

If we're having tests of manhood, we should put this in terms of courage: You won't release the report? Gutless wonder. What are you afraid of? What are you afraid we'll read?

Chicken suits. Let's do it.

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