Wednesday, March 27, 2019


Politico's Kyle Cheney offers some hints as to the length of the Mueller report:

And there's this:

Judge Andrew Napolitan made that claim on Cavuto Coast to Coast; subsequently, Brian Kilmeade said on Fox & Friends that the report is 675 pages long.

Bob Woodward says he can only guess:
Veteran journalist Bob Woodward said Monday he is not aware of any leaks regarding the length of special counsel Robert Mueller's final report for the Russia investigation.

During an interview on MSNBC, Woodward guessed it will be very long, perhaps thousands of pages in length....

"God is in the details here," Woodward added. "And this is under dispute, and so let's look at it. I have no idea, and no one I've talked to has any idea or will say how long it is. It might be thousands of pages."
But there's one clue that might be significant (or might not be).

Two publishers have plans to issue instant books as soon as the Mueller report is released (if it ever is). One will be published by Scribner, a division of Simon & Schuster, in conjunction with The Washington Post. It was announced late last month, with a projected publication date of March 26; the revised date on the book's Amazon page is April 30, but that's described as a "placeholder."

The projected page count, according to the Amazon listing, is 720 pages.

The other edition is from a smaller publisher called Skyhorse. This edition was also announced in late February, with a projected publication date of March 26 and a revised "placeholder" date of April 30.

Projected page count for that edition, according to Amazon: 960 pages.

These may be guesses. On the other hand, these publishers may have information from reliable sources about the report's approximate length. They need to have plans in place in order to publish quickly -- they need to know how much paper to reserve, and so on -- so while they may be overestimating just to be on the safe side, they may know authoritatively that the report is long.

Their estimates, Nadler's, and Judge Napolitano's all seem to be in the same ballpark. If they're right, the report is a hell of a lot longer than William Barr's letter.


UPDATE: The New York Times says the report is "more than 300 pages long."

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