Tuesday, March 12, 2019


Here's the biggest story of the day:
Hollywood actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman are among 50 people charged in a $25 million college entrance exam cheating scheme, according to court documents unsealed in Boston on Tuesday.

The alleged scam focused on getting students admitted to elite universities as recruited athletes, regardless of their athletic abilities, and helping potential students cheat on their college exams, according to the indictment.

Authorities said the FBI investigation, code-named Operation Varsity Blues, uncovered a network of wealthy parents who paid thousands of dollars to a California man who boosted their children's chances of gaining entrance into elite colleges, such as Yale and Stanford, by paying people to take tests for their children, bribing test administrators to allow that to happen, and bribing college coaches to identify the applicants as athletes.
Charlie Pierce is disgusted, but he's one of many liberals who hope this teaches conservatives a lesson:
The whole scheme, as described in the indictment unsealed in Boston on Tuesday, is a master class in wealth and privilege. (The only small diamond amid the sewage is that it makes all those people who went to court arguing that their Caucasianism had been discriminated against through affirmative action look completely ridiculous.)

But that won't be the takeaway in right-wing America. To conservatives, the fault lies where it always does: with liberalism.

Here are some Breitbart comments:
How dare they try to bribe their spoiled rotten children's way into prestigious universities. This is Leftist entitlement mentality at its finest.


Yeah, look at the Occutards of Wall Street. Many of them were the ivy league children of wealthy leftists.


Like we always say, Leftist can't win/gain anything unless they cheat.


I seriously doubt this investigation and subsequent charges would have happened under a Democrat (or RINO) administration given that there are so many politically-connect Leftists in Hollywood. Just imagine how much corruption must exist there...


... the parents claimed THE BRIBE MONEY as deductions on their Federal Income Tax !
See how extreme radical liberals think ? We peons aren't paying OUR fair share.
You may think the ability of the wealthy to game the admissions system, through schemes like this or simply through legacy admissions, is the polar opposite of diversity efforts in admissions -- but to the right, it's all part of the same corrupt system. Another Breitbart comment:
As a parent of someone who is trying to get into college - I could care less. The entire system is already rigged, this is just a way that isn't run by the colleges themselves. Examples: racial preferences - the college picks lesser qualified candidates all of the time based on race; David Hogg is at Harvard - sorry, did they listen to him talk? The boy can't speak a sentence that doesn't include the f bomb; Obama daughter made it into Harvard - do we really think that it was on her intellect, or was it, possibly, because she is extremely connected; legacy students - again, a group of kids that make it because daddy or granddaddy made it; athletes - not a group famous for getting into college on the SAT scores... So, tell me why I should be upset because a small bunch of rich kids got into colleges that I have no hopes of ever being able to send my kids to (because there is no way that I could pay for such a thing), when there are already many large groups of similarly unqualified students that make it in all of the time?
Rush Limbaugh knows who's to blame:

That's an illustration from his website. On the air today, he turned left-blaming into a chant:
White Leftist Liberals from Hollywood Exercising White Privilege! One of the biggest scandals to ever hit elite American universities!

... this breaking news about these white, leftist liberals in Hollywood trying to game the admissions system at major American universities? Holy smokes, folks!

[The scheme] was run by a guy in California whose last name is Singer, who helped parents get their (I guess) hapless, unqualified white liberal kids into the schools through bribes.

... Wealthy, filthy rich, white liberal Hollywood actresses scamming major American universities, scamming the American taxpayer, scamming the IRS.

... “The children’s parents would allegedly pay a specified amount of money fully aware it would be used to gain college admission. The money would then go toward an SAT or ACT administrator or a college athletic coach who would fake a profile for the prospective” white, liberal children “regardless of their athletic ability, according to the charging documents.”

... when we go to the phones, people are gonna be talking about the rich white liberal Hollywood scandal.
Limbaugh blames liberals -- but he gets you coming and going: He also says that the evil liberals were left with no choice because they were the victims of ... liberalism:
Why go to all of this trouble? Okay. Let me run a theory by you. One reason that they may have had to cheat is that the left in this country has made so many rules to keep white kids out of college that there aren’t that many admission slots — at least not as many as there used to be — especially at the elite colleges. Affirmative action, any number of policies have limited the number of admissions for, primarily, white boys. White men are the ones that are attending college in lesser numbers than any other demographic, but it would also be true for white females.

So admissions are taken by minorities. African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and in some cases... Not in the case of the Asians, but in some cases the people getting in have lower scores than others who are not getting in because of these policies guaranteed to ensure equity and fairness and equality. So because... You know, liberals corrupt everything they touch. They corrupt their own states, and then they leave their states and they come to states like ours here and start corrupting us! They bring their high-tax belief; they bring their Big Government belief.

They bring everything that they create and then flee. They bring it with ’em. Well, now, they have corrupted, in many ways, the American education system. More than just admissions policy, they’ve corrupted the curriculum and everything else. So now there’s just fewer opportunities for their kids to get in; so they gotta game the system.
Toxic liberalism is the disease and toxic liberalism is the treatment. Evil is everywhere and it's all liberalism's fault.

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