Friday, January 04, 2019


Oh dear.
It didn't take long for new Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib to introduce herself to President Donald Trump and the nation. And she did so in the most profane way possible.

Tlaib, who was sworn in as Michigan's representative from the 13th Congressional District on Thursday afternoon, was speaking at an event for progressive advocacy group when she relayed a conversation with her son to the crowd: "And when your son looks at you and says, 'Momma, look you won, bullies don’t win,' and I said, 'Baby they don't,' because we’re gonna go in and impeach the motherf-----."

... The call for impeachment earned raucous applause, according to the video.
Is this good for the GOP?

I don't think so. Acts of actual intimidation by Democrats and progressives -- particularly efforts to force Republicans out of restaurants -- have gotten a lot of media attention, and have received a fair amount of negative coverage (though not enough to hurt Democrats in the midterms). But rude words? A few Democrats have gone that route, there's been a minimal amount of media and conservative tut-tutting, and then every incident has been forgotten, because rude words permeate our culture, and most Americans are used to them. Plus, it's difficult to make a case against Tlaib when the person you're defending is the guy in the Access Hollywood tape, the guy who denounced "Adam Schitt," the guy in these clips:

And what is Tlaib threatening? Not even a physical confrontation, like Maxine Waters. She's threatening a constitutionally mandated procedure, one a significant portion of America supports. Even some Trump opponents will find Tlaib's language excessive, but it won't be a big deal except to Trump fans (and some pundit hand-wringers), and it will be quickly forgotten except on the right (unless it becomes a progressive rallying cry and a T-shirt, which it might).

The reactions in comments at Free Republic and are nothing special -- the commenters think Tlaib has declared war on America (because, I guess, Trump is America), they trot out the usual anti-Muslim memes, and they accuse Tlaib of being unattractive:
For someone who's opposed to pork she sure has a pig's mouth.


Willard Romney/Rashida Tlaib 2020
: Their “Death to America” Party


Rashida, at least Trump isn’t marrying 6 year old girls, beheading innocent people, robbing people, enslaving people, and acting like your terrorist spiritual leader Mohammad did. And, unlike Muhammad, at least he can read.


The language out of the mouth of this freshman congressman is appalling You’d get a more civil tongue from a crack-whore looking for a fix.




so when will pork sales be outlawed in the USA


Islam is dangerous to the United States, not President Trump.


Do they have any pre op pictures of him?


Wait, why does she have an Adams apple?
But this is what these commenters would be posting if Tlaib had said something utterly anodye that they didn't like.

This is a nothing story. It'll be gone from the news cycle by sunset, if not earlier.

Trump, so far, seems too genuinely frightened by the prospect of impeachment to respond with one of his usual playground insults.

If he does get atound to insulting Tlaib personally, I bet he'll just call her "low IQ," his go-to attack on women of color.

And I'd love to watch him try to read her name and then pronounce it.


UPDATE: Here's a word of caution.

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