Friday, January 11, 2019


Like a lot of other media outlets, Fox is devoting a lot of attention to the story of Jayme Closs, a 13-year-old Wisconsin girl who was just discovered months after her parents were murdered and she went missing. But I think Fox News Insider is the only outlet where this is considered the most important detail of the story:

Why is this the headline? I think it's obvious: Fox thrives on instilling fear, and one of the main ways it does that is by conveying the impression that the world is a horribly scary place where you're likely to be brutalized by a stranger at any moment.

Most murderers know their victims, but Fox wants its viewers to be afraid that they'll be killed in the night by members of MS-13. Most sex criminals know their victims, too, but Fox wants viewers to believe that their children might be sexually assaulted in public toilets by transsexuals.

In this case, it appears that the man suspected of kidnapping Closs after murdering her parents actually was a stranger to the family. But most violent crimes aren't like this. Nevertheless, Fox wants to press the point that some violent crimes are like this, so be very, very afraid -- of immigrants, of non-whites, of anyone who's not in your circle of acquaintances and anyone who doesn't seem like someone you'd spend time with.

Danger is everywhere!

Vote Republican!

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