Thursday, July 05, 2018


Here's what truly matters to President Trump in picking a Supreme Court justics, according to Politico:
After meeting Marie Louise Gorsuch and picking up on the easy chemistry between the homemaker and her husband, President Donald Trump requested that she stand next to Neil Gorsuch during his nomination speech to the Supreme Court.

Trump’s delight in what he considered the picture-perfect couple, recounted by a Republican close to the White House familiar with the proceedings, is now resurfacing as the process of filling a second Supreme Court opening plays out like a political campaign, with attention to the whole package, including a potential nominee's appearance as well as the look and feel of his or her family....

“Beyond the qualifications, what really matters is, does this nominee fit a central casting image for a Supreme Court nominee, as well as his or her spouse,” the Republican close to the White House said. “That's a big deal. Do they fit the role?”
Here's that picture of the Gorsuches.

They look like two of the whitest people in human history. Clearly that's a great deal of what "a central casting image for a Supreme Court nominee" means to Trump.

Amul Thapar, son of Indian immigrants, who's reportedly on the short list? Probably not going to be Trump's pick.

Politico tells us that Trump really likes Brett Kavanagh -- and gosh, I can't imagine why:
“I believe that the president should be excused from some of the burdens of ordinary citizenship while serving in office,” Judge Kavanaugh wrote in 2009 in The Minnesota Law Review. Among those burdens, he said, were responding to civil lawsuits and criminal charges.

“Even the lesser burdens of a criminal investigation — including preparing for questioning by criminal investigators — are time-consuming and distracting,” Judge Kavanaugh wrote. “Like civil suits, criminal investigations take the president’s focus away from his or her responsibilities to the people. And a president who is concerned about an ongoing criminal investigation is almost inevitably going to do a worse job as president.”
But Politico says that while this photo of Kavanaugh and wife seems like "all-American" perfection from Trump's point of view, it isn't, because of other Trump concerns:

For Kavanaugh, however, the problem stands to his right in the photo: President George W. Bush is smiling, too. And a few questions about the wife in the picture would reveal deep ties to the Bush family.

Kavanaugh rose to serve as Bush’s staff secretary, but it’s his wife who is closer with the Bush family: she followed George W. Bush to Washington from the Texas Governor’s office, served as his personal secretary for years, and has a close, personal relationship with the Bush family -- a fact Republicans close to the White House said would be a mark against Kavanaugh in Trump’s thinking.

It’s a part of Kavanaugh’s bio that has nothing to do with his qualifications to become a Supreme Court Justice. But his family’s ties to the Bush family are expected to matter to Trump, who sees that dynasty as the embodiment of the Republican establishment that still doesn’t take him seriously.
So does that mean Trump will pick Amy Coney Barrett, the reported co-frontrunner, along with Kavanaugh? Well, she has two adopted children from Haiti -- one of Trump's "shithole countries." She also has a special-needs child. That might not sit well with our eugenicist president.

A short-lister who hasn't been talked about much is Joan Larsen. Could she be the pick? Probably not if Trump sees old clips of her husband with a goatee, ponytail, and bow tie.

He's since lost the ponytail, but the bow tie and goatee remain.

So I guess that means Trump's pick will be Raymond Kethledge, by process of elimination.

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