Monday, July 09, 2018


Hi, I'm back. Thank you again, Yastreblyansky, Crank, and Tom, for some great posts while I was away.

Today I'm looking at a video from the right-wing group Campus Reform. A an interviewer from the group found a few students who had strong opinions about President Trump's new Supreme Court pick -- even though the nominee hadn't been named yet.
... what would college students have to say about the matter? Did they have substantive reasons for not trusting the potential replacement, or were they simply set on opposing any Trump nominee?

To find out, I headed to New York University to ask students what they thought about who Trump had chosen to replace Justice Kennedy.

... “He’s quite extreme in his views,” said one student of the fictitious Judge.

“I saw it all over the news, that he’s like racist,” another student added, referring to the announcement that hadn’t yet happened.

“I saw the new nominee is like racist, and he’s starting a new wave of something very negative, and I’m really scared about the future and what choices he will make,” another pupil added.

When asked if she’d seen the online coverage of the event, one faculty member described witnessing “outrage… as it should be.”

What else did students have to say? Did anyone realize the decision had not yet been made?

I guess it's hilarious that left-leaning college students were talking as if they knew the name of the nominee -- it certainly seems hilarious to Fox & Friends, Glenn Beck's Blaze, and Power Line's John Hinderaker, who are all running with the story. But how is this different from the decision by a lavishly financed conservative group called the Judicial Crisis Network to begin a campaign called #AnotherGreatJustice late last month, also before the announcement of Trump's pick?
The Judicial Crisis Network is launching #AnotherGreatJustice seven-figure, national cable and digital ad-buy that will target vulnerable Democrat incumbents. The ad praises President Trump’s nomination of Justice Neil Gorsuch, and looks forward to the President nominating another great justice to the bench.

Statement from Judicial Crisis Network’s Chief Counsel and Policy Director, Carrie Severino:

“When President Trump selected Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court last year, he kept a promise he had made to the American people to appoint judges who are fair, independent, and committed to upholding the Constitution. Like Justice Gorsuch, all of the men and women on President Trump’s judicial list are the best and brightest in their field. They are fair and independent judges with records of listening to the arguments of both sides in the courtroom, delivering well-reasoned decisions, fairly applying the law and honoring the Constitution. Like Justice Gorsuch, each one of them has the wisdom and experience necessary to sit on the Supreme Court from Day One. We look forward to President Trump nominating another great justice.”

Criticizing an unnamed nominee? Just liberals being silly again. Praising an unnamed nominee as (in the words of the ad) "the best of the best"? That's just smart politics.

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