Sunday, July 08, 2018

For the Record: Pompeo Seeks Peace

Montage by Alice Wielinga/Time.

Speaking of North Korea, I think I may have just noticed something significant, stimulated by a Twitter friend:
Namely, as you see, that Fox's first story on how North Korea was not doing anything to "denuclearize" and was in fact going back to building up forces appeared on the same day as the State Department announcement that Pompeo was going back for a visit to Pyongyang. And the next day that Trump tweeted for the last time (so far) on the subject:
Optimistic, as ever. "If not for me, I would have started a War with North Korea by now!" He's such a consummate dealmaker he can even snooker himself!

Trump must have seen the story first thing in the morning, spent all day screaming at Pompeo about what a shitty job he was doing, and ordered him back to fix it up right away. Hence the stupidity of the list of negotiating demands:

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