Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Barack Obama pursued deals with Cuba and Iran, but he never gushed over the leadership of either country, even though the right's caricature of him was that he was pro-terrorist and a big ol' commie. Imagine Obama talking about the Iranian or Cuban leadership the way President Trump talked about Kim Jong-un in his post-summit interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos:
T: ... His country does love him. His people, you see the fervor. They have a great fervor. They're gonna put it together, and I think they’re going to end up with a very strong country....

G: You say his people love him. Just a few months ago you accused him of starving his people. And listen, here’s the rub. Kim is a brutal dictator. He runs a police state, forced starvation, labor camps. He’s assassinated members of his own family. How do you trust a killer like that?

T: George, I’m given what I'm given, okay? I mean, this is what we have, and this is where we are, and I can only tell you from my experience, and I met him, I've spoken with him, and I’ve met him.... I think that he really wants to do a great job for North Korea. I think he wants to denuke, it’s very important. Without that, there's nothing to discuss. That was on the table at the beginning, and you see a total denuclearization of North Korea -- so important. And, he wants to do the right thing....

G: You trust him?

T: I do trust him, yeah. Now, will I come back to you in a year and you’ll be interviewing and I’ll say, gee I made a mistake? That’s always possible. You know, we’re dealing at a very high level, a lot of things can change, a lot of things are possible. He trusts me, I believe, I really do. I mean, he said openly, and he said it to a couple of reporters that were with him that he knows that no other president ever could have done this, I mean no other pre--he knows the presidents, he knows who we had in front of me. He said no other president could have done this. I think he trusts me, and I trust him.
Trump is rolling over on his back and asking Kim to give him a belly rub.

And the deplorables don't care. Trump doesn't have to be tough on North Korea's dictator because the deplorables see this summit as an attack on the real enemy -- us. Let's go to the Breitbart comments:
I want to be in a room full of Libs right now. You?


... dems are on suicide watch ,, CNN is a funeral ,, MSNBC is in a shambles mccain is trying to hang himself with an IV drip

God bless trump ,, once again pulling off the impossible,, God is truly on his side

for all you liberal douche bags and rino vermin crying ,, ohh ohh,, this is nothing,,, dear scum ,, trumps not obama ,, trump gets it down,, he walks the walk ,, now get on your knees and beg forgiveness ,, trump got everything he wanted ,, obama got it in the wazoo,, POW'S MIA'S TOO !!! the scumbag obama could never get a deal like this ,, dont feel badly you liberal maggots,,, no RINO could either

added bonus ,, iran lost one of its biggest allies ,, poof!!!

trump !!


The idiotic trolls arent even bothering me right now. They are like they were on Election Night. I want to thank Trump for letting me relive that night again..and, weirdly it's about the same time of night.....


A last gasp of air from a dying and irrelevant group of scumbags.
Trump has singlehandedly destroyed and exposed these traitors.


This a great day
For everyone! ... but leftists
Of course we still have to wait and see where this all leads... but
If this is actually the beginning of some kind of denuclearization pact, this has to be the hardest, fastest, biggest slam close ever. ABC...always be closing.
Or Maybe its just the end of the Korean War ... ho hum.
I'm in awe...
Do your local leftist a kindness, lend them a rope


It's amazing how lefties are now against world peace and having a good economy. They're beyond ridiculous.


... President TRUMP did it !!! It could not have happened without President TRUMP !!! It is all down to President TRUMP !!!

Got that Democrats ???
Got that RINOs ???
Got that Communist EU ??? ...


Yes, TRUST BUT VERIFY but President Trump has done what few American presidents have done. Watch liberal heads explode as President Trump cruises to a second term.


You simply are Red with anger over the progress made! Why you choose to be a communist is baffling! Why don't you just get out of our country already? We really do not want your Ilk.
Yes, summit skeptics are communist. The EU is communist. Kim Jong-un? Not communist, apparently.

Liberals, Democrats, "RINOs," the mainstream media -- we are the right's real enemy. We always have been.


UPDATE: As I was saying...

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