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At this point, it's just a game of Wingnut Mad Libs, isn't it?
On Friday morning, the super-geniuses [at Fox & Friends offered a bold new theory about why a conservative like [Roseanne] Barr was fired ... while a liberal like [Samantha] Bee remains on the air: Maybe it’s the (please read this in a spooky voice) deep state. Ya.

“What is it?” Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt asked during a segment dubbed the “crude comment controversy.” She continued: “Is it the deep state? Anything a conservative does, they want to go after their love life, their money, their children?”
But the absurdity of this is not the worst part of the clip. Watch it:

Notice who asks the question that leads to Earhardt's speculation? It's David Bossie. Notice what he says?
How about we don't do that anymore? We can have great debates on the ideas and on policy. But why is everything now in the gutter? Why has everything become personal? And it's all because they hate this president. And I say this: They hate this president more than they love this country, the left.
That would be this David Bossie:
He first came to national attention in a July 1992 report on the "CBS Evening News." ...

Correspondent Eric Engberg reported that Bossie and a retired D.C. police officer, Jim Murphy, both working for [Floyd] Brown [of Citizens United], had been harassing the friends and family of Susan Coleman, who had committed suicide years before. They were trying to confirm that Coleman shot herself "following a love affair with her law professor, Bill Clinton, that left her pregnant," Engberg reported. Bossie and Murphy trailed Coleman's mother to an Army hospital in Augusta, Ga., where her husband was being treated for a stroke. "Here the two men burst into the sick man's room," Engberg narrated, "and began questioning the shaken mother about her daughter's suicide." A chastened Bossie later told friends that the CBS story had made his grandmother cry.
And this David Bossie:
In 1994, Bossie traveled to Fayetteville, Ark., with an NBC producer, where the two allegedly "stalked" and "ambushed" Beverly Bassett Schaffer, a former state regulatory officer and a lawyer who had played a small role in the so-called Whitewater conspiracy. The two confronted Schaffer outside her office and, after she refused an on-camera interview, reportedly chased her across town, until she found refuge in the lobby of an office building....

In November 1996, Bossie improperly leaked the confidential phone logs of former Commerce Department official John Huang to the press. And he did that by deceiving other GOP congressional aides, according to an account published in Roll Call, which quoted one Republican aide comparing Bossie's deceptive presence to "Ollie North running around the House."
And this David Bossie:
In 1998, Bossie was forced to resign from his role as top investigator on the House Government and Reform Committee for his alleged role in releasing selectively edited transcripts and video of prison conversations by Clinton confidant Webster Hubbell. The transcripts and video, whose editing was overseen by Bossie, removed exculpatory statements from Hubbell that downplayed alleged wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton at their former law firm.
And this David Bossie:
... when [Donald] Trump was demanding President Barack Obama release his long-form birth certificate ... [h]ere’s what Bossie wrote in 2011 (via Media Matters):
Why did the mainstream media not demand Obama’s birth certificate in 2008, just like they demanded records from Bill Clinton and George W. Bush in 1992 and 2000, respectively? There is a lesson to be learned here for members of the press corps who are sympathetic to Mr. Obama to a fault. Giving him a free pass on politically inconvenient issues does not help him in the long run politically. In fact, this issue has demonstrated it is quite the opposite. In U.S. presidential elections before 2008, there was something referred to as a “vetting” process.
That guy is accusing other people of making everything in politics "personal," of taking everything to the "gutter," and of hating a president more than they love America.

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