Saturday, July 08, 2017


The First Family continues to elevate the discourse:
Donald Trump Jr. shared a video meme Saturday portraying President Trump shooting down a fighter jet that included CNN's logo.

“One of the best I’ve seen,” the younger Trump wrote in a tweet, which included laughing emojis and American flags.
Here's the tweet:

Which links to this:

As you know, Donald Senior got his CNN bodyslam video from HanAssholeSolo, a Redditor who posted bigoted words and images about blacks, Jews, and Muslims. Donald Junior sources his memes in a similarly high-minded way. Let me post a few of @OldRowOfficial's finest ruminations. You might want to ask impressionable children to leave the room.

Realy, Junior? This is your social media diet? You're 39 years old. You have five kids. Grow the hell up.


But perhaps I'm focusing on the wrong story about Junior:

For that Times story, go here.

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