Thursday, July 20, 2017


John McCain was the Republican presidential nominee in 2008, but he once supported immigration reform, so a lot of right-wingers hate him. Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs looked at the comments of a Breitbart post about McCain's brain tumor diagnosis and saw some of that hatred:

I went to thread and found this:

A few more:

At Free Republic, the posters are responding to a Daily Mail article in which we learn that McCain told Lindsey Graham, "I'll be back" -- which is what you'd expect him to say, despite the grimness of his prognosis. The Freepers aren't having it:
"I'll be back"

So will the Crabs, but we don't want those either.


Reading this triples the contempt I've had for him for years.


“’I’ll be back’: Cancer-stricken John McCain tells his closest friend in the Senate”

No thanks, Ace. No sale.

You’ve made yourself into one of this country’s greatest domestic enemies. Worse than the racist Fraud you supported in 2008, and worse than the forces you and he armed against America.


The McCain’s plan on picking who gets the seat eventually, too.

They aren’t going to let the Gov. just pick his replacement.

Swamp people.


Another unhappy soul so wedded to power that it is impossible to let go. This is about McCain and only about McCain. Screw the rest of the world. Screw the family. He has to clutch onto power to the last gasp.


Songbird Juan. Stick a fork in it.


“The McCain’s plan on picking who gets the seat eventually, too.”

You mean his “tit monster” daughter?


get well soon, John, because you’ve still got some ‘splainin’ to do about your claudestine little mission to obtain paid-for Russian-generated intel slandering Trump.


should Trump go to his funeral? I wouldn’t
We knew they hated us, but they hate their own, too, even under these circumstances.

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