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Yup -- according to PPP, all those other Democrats would beat Trump in 2020 by bigger margins than Harris (PPP says she'd beat him by 1) -- and yet it's Harris who gets a front-page write-up at Breitbart ("2020 POLL: KAMALA HARRIS 41, DONALD TRUMP 40," currently the site's most popular story). It's Harris who's front-paged at Drudge, where there's a link to a Washington Free Beacon story titled "Kamala Harris Spends Big With Media Firm That Boosted Bernie Sanders’s National Profile." It's Harris who makes the front page of Fox Nation with a Washington Times opinion piece guaranteed to get wingnuts' blood boiling:
Kamala Harris: Eric Holder in a skirt

... Make way for the next social justice warrior beating a drum for the White House. Harris, a la Eric Holder, a la Barack Obama, is a far leftist with a vision of America as an inherently racist, unjust, unfair, misogynist nation. And by gosh, she’s just the candidate to fix it.
The WashTimes piece uses Harris's statements on the drug war as a jumping-off point for pretty much every scare tactic in the right-wing media arsenal:
And then this take, on the war on drugs — that it’s not so much a criminal matter, or a personal failure. Rather this: “Whole populations of people have been incarcerated for what is essentially a public health issue.”

Does that mean a President Harris would release all the nation’s incarcerated dopers and pushers — and use tax dollars to send them instead to therapy and rehab? Another of her tweets gives clue.

“It’s clear,” she wrote, “we must rethink criminal justice policy in terms of prevention first.”

... The left sees crime and punishment as matters of haves and have-nots — and far too often, whites are the haves, minorities the have-nots, so their solution lies with wealth redistribution.

“The answer to fixing the criminal justice system is not to build more prisons or privatize those prisons,” Harris tweeted. “We’ve been offered a false choice about the criminal justice system. We are either tough on crime or soft on crime — I say be smart on crime.”

OK. But what does that mean, exactly? To a far leftist, smart on crime means soft on reality. It means looking at crime statistics, for instance, and seeing a disproportionate number of blacks behind bars and concluding a fault with the system — inherent racism — rather than a fault with the individual, or community.

This is an Eric Holder style of thinking. This is a Barack Obama way of seeing the world.

Harris for president? She’ll be Holder in a skirt; Obama, with longer hair.
The right isn't doing this with Bernie Sanders, or, for that matter, Andrew Cuomo. The right isn't even doing this with Cory Booker, so even though the race card is being played here in a flagrant way, there seems to be something more at work.

Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris ... golly, what's the common ground? Thinking, thinking.... Yes, the Democratic Party has a lot of intelligent, serious, non-flirty, take-no-crap women -- and I think the GOP believes that they're especially easy to demonize. The Breitbart story is quite mild, yet it's generated nearly 4,600 comments as I write this, among them these:
Is Kamala the best the Dems can do? Another boring, ranting, angry, uninspiring woman. It's Hillary all over again!


Apparently the Left's strategy is to pick the Most Toxic and Disagreeable Candidate. With Karmela they have chosen another "winner".
The Left seems to have an Endless Supply of Naasteey Women.
Her campaign slogan will be...
"I'm your worst nightmare white man!"
And her goal will be to prove it...picking up where Hilliary left off...
Her campaign promise will be, "Blatant Passive Aggression towards white men 24/7!"


Perhaps she'll change her gender to a white male and kill her-him-itself. Now that would be a political statement.


Other way around it appears, but who knows, "he" could be pre- or post-op.
Yeah, the Breitbarters are making the usual racist comments, but they're also hung up on gender -- and not just Harris's. A Democratic commenter boasts of voting for her in California and the responses include these:
Sure, probably a brown, gay, retired goverment employee who self identifies as a black female. Or just a Soros troll.


A white male Democrat? Gotta be gay.


You probably wear a man bun like all the effeminate Libturds.


You're a Liberal with a penis, by no means should you be considered a man.
If the right has chosen Warren and Harris as its next Antichrists of choice, gender is one of the main reasons. This may not manifest itself in the right's version of polite company, but it shows up in the fever swamps. I understand the many reasons people didn't vote for Hillary Clinton, but I think we've underestimated the number of votes she lost because flagrant sexism is hip in some circles and a woman who prefers not to act girly is regarded as repulsive, someone you'd vote for only if you seek to betray maleness. Watch how this operates in Warren's 2018 reelection campaign, and in 2020 if a woman gets the presidential nomination for the Democrats. It's going to get ugly.

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