Monday, January 09, 2017


A lot of people are talking about Meryl Streep's speech at last night's Golden Globe Awards, and a lot of people are talking about Donald Trump's response to that speech -- but I want to make sure that you notice when and how Trump responded, according to The New York Times:
President-elect Donald J. Trump dismissed Meryl Streep as “a Hillary lover” early Monday morning after the actress, in a speech at the Golden Globes award ceremony, denounced him as a bully who disrespected and humiliated others.

Mr. Trump, in a brief telephone interview, said he had not seen Ms. Streep’s remarks or other parts of the Globes ceremony, which were broadcast on NBC, but added that he was “not surprised” that he had come under attack from “liberal movie people.”
(Emphasis added.)

It's before 7:00 A.M. as I write this. Google tells me the Times story was posted approximately 5 hours ago.

This man will be president in eleven days. He has a lot to catch up on and he needs to budget his time. And yet he's more than willing to take a phone call from The New York Times after midnight to chat about an awards ceremony -- because, well, he was insulted by Streep, and responding to insults is always Priority One for the next Leader of the Free World:
Mr. Trump, as he has done many times before, grew heated in the interview as he flatly denied that he had intended to make fun of the Times reporter, Serge F. Kovaleski.

“I was never mocking anyone,” Mr. Trump said. “I was calling into question a reporter who had gotten nervous because he had changed his story,” arguing that the reporter had been trying to back away from an article he wrote in September 2001 about the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and elsewhere that month.

“People keep saying I intended to mock the reporter’s disability, as if Meryl Streep and others could read my mind, and I did no such thing,” he said in the interview.

“And remember, Meryl Streep introduced Hillary Clinton at her convention, and a lot of these people supported Hillary,” Mr. Trump said, referring to Ms. Streep’s remarks at the Democratic National Convention last summer on behalf of his opponent, Mrs. Clinton.
And, naturally, after not very many hours' sleep (if he slept at all), we have this from the next president:

We know that Vladimir Putin has Trump wrapped around his little finger, but will other foreign powers find a way to distract Trump at key geopolitical moments by deploying assets to bruise Trump's delicate ego? Welcome to the next four years.


rclz said...

but maybe if we can keep him distracted with this kind of bull shit he won't blow up the world.

Anonymous said...

Three minutes to midnight …
Every January, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists resets the official time on the Doomsday Clock, with midnight the end of the human species. Last January, they moved the hands to 3 minutes to midnight. Didn’t mince any words:

Today, unchecked climate change and a nuclear arms race resulting from modernization of huge arsenals pose extraordinary and undeniable threats to the continued existence of humanity. And world leaders have failed to act with the speed or on the scale required to protect citizens from potential catastrophe. These failures of leadership endanger every person on Earth.

January 2017 is no improvement:

“It is still Three Minutes to Midnight.”

Unknown said...

Thin skinned is an understatement.

Rand Careaga said...

Slightly O/T, but it seems to me that the old Cold war nomenclature "the free world" is way, way past its sell-by date, and that perhaps we could formally retire the term at the end of next week.