Friday, January 20, 2017


In a few hours, Donald Trump will be sworn in as president, and he's already mooching off the previous administration:
Mr. Trump will be sworn in at noon Eastern time on Friday, but his team was still scrambling to fill key administration posts when he got here on Thursday, announcing last-minute plans to retain 50 essential State Department and national security officials currently working in the Obama administration to ensure “continuity of government,” according to Sean Spicer, the incoming White House press secretary....

In all, Mr. Trump has named only 29 of his 660 executive department appointments, according to the Partnership for Public Service, which has been tracking the process. That is a pace far slower than recent predecessors....
I respect the fact that these Obama holdovers are putting country over party. But I hope they're aware that they're going to be working for this guy:

I think there's a serious risk that Trump will stiff these holdovers, even though they're not paid out of his money. And if he does stiff them, I'm sure his administration will declare that he's within his legal rights to do so.

Maybe this won't happen. Maybe Trump and his underlings would need to understand the bureaucracy better than they do in order to stiff the Obamaites who've agreed to stay on. But at the very least, I'm sure Trump will want to stiff them. I think they shouldn't count on a continuing paycheck.


Victor said...


t-RUMP's history proves that he'll fuck-over any and everyone he can - unless they can strong-arm him back.
And not because he necessarily wants or needs the money; but just on his general (and only) principle: He can!

Civil service employees are not exactly the world's toughest people. And that's something that t-RUMP may be factoring in.

rclz said...

maybe I don't understand how the government works. How can he possibly put a stop payment on certain government employees? At this level are the paid differently than the average government worker or are they outside contractors?

Jeffery said...

Paul Ryan and congress can decide to pay them one dollar for their service. The stiffing of America commences.