Wednesday, February 17, 2016


I probably don't have to post this. I'm sure you've seen it already.

The Bush campaign posted this after the candidate toured a gun-making facility and the candidate was given the monogrammed pistol shown in the tweet.

I know that Jeb has been mercilessly mocked on Twitter since he posted this -- but don't forget, he's being mocked for defending guns. Among GOP base voters, I think that's good. Those voters harbor a permanent sense of persecution. They think they're hated because they own guns. I think many of them like owning guns precisely because gun ownership enables them to feel persecuted.

Yes, the very idea of the tweet has been repeatedly mocked:

And Jeb himself has been mocked:

But I imagine that gun-loving Republicans feel a sense of self-righteous rage when they see responses like this:

And this:

SoI'm guessing that they're on Jeb's side -- which tells me that Jeb might be getting the hang of this running-as-a-Republican thing, nearly a year too late.

Now, if he really knew what he was doing, he'd be posting graphics like this one, which appears regularly at Free Republic:

But he's trying, at least, even though it's probably too late for his floundering campaign. And this is an appropriately Republican follow-up:
Jeb Bush's campaign is calling on CBS News to apologize for a report that cited jokes about the Republican presidential hopeful committing suicide.

"The network should apologize," Kristy Campbell, Bush's press secretary, told CNNMoney after the segment aired on Tuesday night's broadcast of the CBS Evening News.

In the report, CBS News correspondent Major Garrett said that social media was "abuzz" over a photo Bush had tweeted on Tuesday showing a firearm emblazoned with a personalized insignia that read, "Gov. Jeb. Bush."

"There were some people who were supportive, but many said, 'Your campaign is dying. Please, Governor Bush, don't take your own life.' Only in jest, but it shows you how painful things have become for Bush in South Carolina," Garrett reported....

"In addition to the mainstream-media's total lack of understanding when it comes to gun rights and gun culture, it is absolutely inexcusable to make light of suicide," Campbell wrote.
The Bush campaign is complaining despite the fact that Garrett's report is accurate:

Complaining about the media? That's perfect. Republicans love that.

The Bushies still don't seem at ease doing this sort of thing, but they may have finally figured out what party they're running in. Jeb has been running as a meek, mild whiner, and it's slowly dawning on him that he should have run as an angry, self-righteous whiner. After all, that's what Republicans like.


UPDATE: Well, they're not impressed at Free Republic. This is a typical response:
Has he noticed the safety on it and I bet he can’t even load a mag.

Desperation for the Mama’s boy
Oh, and this:

But a couple of Freepers offer faint praise:
Niiiice. But still not voting for ya.


Im very happy to see something he does that I approve of, because there are not that many.
It's the right direction, but it's way too late. There should have been much more of this, and much less of Jeb's real personality and campaign style.


Ten Bears said...

God, Guns and Genocide is what made 'Murika "great".

There's a lesson in that.

simon said...

Is this the same as having a bullet with your name on it?

America: somewhere out there, there's a gun with my name on it.

Walt Garage said...

Jeb! continues to campaign like a candidate who knows the fix is in. I'm truly concerned that after all is said and done, he'll get the nomination because he's a Bush and the Bush family seems to know how to lie, cheat and steal to get what they want.