Monday, February 01, 2016


The Hill reports that there was much hand-wringing about Donald Trump at the Koch brothers' winter retreat this past weekend. Anti-Trump strategies were discussed:
On the eve of the Iowa causes, Koch network officials revealed in a private meeting with donors that they had commissioned focus group research to identify Trump’s vulnerabilities.

... [A] senior Koch official ... shared for the first time focus group research the network had commissioned showing that Trump’s popularity falls when voters are shown how working people have suffered as a result of his bankruptcies and business dealings in Atlantic City. Stories of ordinary people's livelihoods being harmed as Trump tried to enrich himself at their expense are most effective in "moving the needle" against Trump, donors were told.
So the assembled Kochites were told over the weekend that they should go forward and attack Trump as a guy who's cruel to ordinary people. And when the Kochs say "Jump," apparently National Review says "How high?" Here's the lead story at NR right now:

From the story:
... how many Americans are aware of the grimy details of Trump’s famously #winning record?

And how many know that Donald J. Trump’s vaunted “business” career is marked less by innovative, hard-charging business acumen, and more by good old-fashioned bullying? As one might expect, Trump claims to represent the interests of the blue-collar citizenry of this country. But his business record reveals a man with a penchant for persecuting the little man -- or even the little old lady....
Call it "bespoke journalism": The Kochs ordered it and NR customed-tailored the story just to their specifications. Now, that's great service.


Victor said...

Well, it's true.

His first major foray into Manhattan, involved him buying an old building near Carnegie Hall - if I remember right.

It later became Trump Tower, or Trump - the glory of MY name - something else.
Well, the building was rent controlled, and full, mostly, of seniors. Many were old actors, musicians, dancers, or other show/arts people.

He couldn't turn it into condo's until all of them left.

This was when I first really became aware of Trump, and I've loathed that fucking asshole ever since. The Village Voice had a series of beyond scathing articles on this fucking prick, back in either the late 70's or early 80's.

To get rid of the old oeople, who had neither the desire to leave, nor the money, Trump brought in pimp's, hooker, dealers, addicts, and every other kind of human vermin to scare the old people into leaving.
The old-timers were robbed, beaten, assaulted, etc.

And, tragically, it worked.
They left.
He built his condo, slapped his fucking name on it, and used that building for collateral to build new condo's and casino's, all with his hideous name on it.

So, that fucking rich SOB built his empire of greed and gambling on the backs of old people - who were also the main suckers he bussed in to his AC casino's, to help them whittle-down their life's savings to nothing.

Yeah, he's a "real man of the people."
Fuck him.

When he dies, he better get an inconspicuous grave somewhere far, far away. Because there are a lot of people who would love to shit and piss on this greedy evil motherfucker's grave!
I'd love to be one of them.

trnc said...

I don't disagree with the premise of your story, but it isn't as though NR really needed encouragement to denigrate Trump. They got kicked out of moderating a GOP debate for devoting an entire edition to "Trump Sucks."

Bazzer said...

Yeah but the irony! The Koch brothers calling out Trump for the same crap they do all the time? That's rich!