Monday, February 16, 2015


The Hill reports this about ex-congressman and former deadbeat dad Joe Walsh:
Controversial former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) is talking up a Tea Party challenge to Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.).

“I am very seriously considering challenging him in a primary,” Walsh told The Hill on Thursday. “Mark Kirk has got to be challenged.”
It's hard to tell whether Walsh actually thinks he can win or just sees this as away to promote his talk radio career:
The one-term lawmaker isn’t backing off his inflammatory comments that made him a conservative star, though....

Walsh has since built a local following in the Chicago area with his conservative talk show -- and if anything has upped the controversy level with a string of racially charged comments in the past few years.

In a 2013 column about the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech, Walsh wrote that he hopes "one day black America will cease their dependency on the government plantation, which has enslaved them to lives of poverty, and instead depend on themselves, their families, their churches, and their communities.”

He didn't stop there.

“Found out if I said Redskins or Cracker or Redneck Bible Thumper, I could stay on. But if I said N----- or Spick, they cut me off,” he tweeted last May after being briefly suspended from his radio show because he kept trying to use racially charged terms on air to prove a point about the Washington Redskins team name....
Walsh, at least on Twitter, is usually in smart-ass mode, but sometimes he just strips it down to pure hate:

This when he's not accusing President Obama of being a terrorist sympathizer and stating without ambiguity that the president is a Muslim:

And, of course, you and I are pro-terrorist, too, according to Walsh:

I realize it's extraordinarily unlikely that Walsh could mount a successful challenge to a Republican who's more ideologically in sync with his state and who's survived a stroke, but hey, maybe the GOP voter base will have become so feral by next year that Walsh will score an upset. The GOP deserves to have this clown running in the general election in 2016. I feel like sending him money.


UPDATE: Oops -- almost neglected to mention the fact that he's been known to root for ISIS-style beheadings:

Sweet guy.


Ken_L said...

He should of stayed with The Eagles.

Ten Bears said...

You might want to revisit that Ken.

Steve M. said...

Joe Walsh of the Eagles endorsed Deadbeat Joe Walsh's opponent in his last race.

Victor said...

The man is a colossal dick at a time when you can make money being a colossal dick.

Professor Fate said...

Reading this reminded me of an exchange in Black Adder the Third where Blackadder and the Prince are trying to woo someone to their side:

"Blackadder: Well, you could appoint him a high court judge.

Prince George: Is he qualified?

Blackadder: He's a violent, bigoted, mindless old fool.

Prince George: Sounds a bit over-qualified. Well, get him here at once. "

These days he to sounds over-qualified to run for Senate for the GOP.