Saturday, February 07, 2015

SEND A THRILL UP RIGHT-WINGERS' LEGS AND YOU CAN SAY ISIS ISN'T MUSLIM highly recommends this opinion piece from Investor's Business Daily, where the editorials are even further to the right than the ones in The Wall Street Journal:
Jordan's King Gets Medieval On Them

Leadership: Jordan is taking the war to the terrorists -- not only on land but on the propaganda front, where Islamic State has had the high ground for a while. Jordan's will to win is injecting new energy into the war on terror.
This, of course, is contrasted with the quisling behavior of the Obama White House:
As the West dithers under the weak leadership and wavering resolve of the Obama administration, the Jordanians, however small and threatened they are as a nation, have injected the force multiplier of moral passion into their war effort.
And how have the Jordanians done this? Air strikes (um, I thought the U.S. was conducting the majority of air strikes against ISIS, and was aiding the Jordanians in their air strikes, but never mind), plus bellicose rhetoric ("King Abdullah's fiery vow to make the 'earth shake'").

But this as well:
The king also morally delegitimized the terrorists, saying they had zero claim to the name Muslim -- powerful, given that the king is a direct descendant of Muhammad. He was buttressed by Jordanian officials, who called the terrorists "daesh" -- a derogatory word in Arabic that's as nasty as it sounds, and one that IS hates.
Wait -- what? I thought those who refer to the Islamic State as "Daesh" were just being hypersensitive because they wanted to avoid any name with the word "Islamic" in it. That's what right-wingers told me, so it must be true!

And now it's OK to say that ISIS has "zero claim to the name Muslim"? It's OK to say that ISIS isn't Islamic? Haven't thousands of jeremiads been directed at the Obama administration by right-wing pundits because the administration says precisely this? Haven't there been multiple columns with titles such as "Why Does Obama Insist That Mideast Terrorists Are Not Islamic?" in publications such as, um, Investors Business Daily?

Well, Jordan's King Abdullah not only talked tough (he quoted Clint Eastwood!) but also personally donned a military uniform, to the delight of the American right, amid rumors that he would personally fly a sortie, which later proved untrue but also delighted the right. American right-wingers love tough talk almost more than they love action; as we learned in our last presidency, it thrills them to see tough-talking leaders in military uniforms, just as, thirty years ago, it thrilled them when a president who never saw action used to salute giddily at the slightest prompting. I'm not sure American conservatives even want to defeat ISIS -- often it seems that they just want the (vicarious) experience of the fight, or they just want to see fighting acted out. Give them that and you can say anything you want.


Victor said...

Our conservatives don't want to defeat ISIS.

ISIS is their latest great bogeyman!

In the last century, we went from having the Kraut's, then the Commie Russkies being the bogeyman.
Next, onto Japan and the Nazi's.
Then, back to the Commie Russkies - now, with Chinese eggrolls.
To the Vietnamese Commie's - run by the USSR and China.
Then, back to the USSR and China.
Then Iran - with the hostage situation.
Then, Iraq.
Then, the Clinton's.
After that, Osama and el Qaeda.
Then Afghanistan - see the line above.
Then Iraq - see the two lines above.
Now, it's Obama, Obamacare, and ISIS!

You know what kept us from being am 'exceptional' civilizing force around the world?
Too much use of exceptional force!

Too bad conservatives don't get "irony."

Ten Bears said...

I'm not sure American conservatives even want to defeat ISIS...

And you have the timerity to mock the suggestion ISIS is not as the mainstream corporate media purports it to be, that in view of the long history, the precidence of joint American and Israeli false fronts and false flag terrorist attacks around the world may well like its predecessor al Qiada be a CIA/Mossad operation.

You that pretty white American I mentioned downstream I'm sure will turn up missing? The so-called ISIS is claiming this morning that the pretty little American white they claim as hostage was killed in the Jordanian airstrike you mention above. Outrage in three, two... what!? No outrage!? Like When an Israeli runs over a pretty little American white girl with bulldozer, backs up over her while she's still alive and then while she's still alive runs over her again or when in an act of piracy on the high seas guns down a young Turkish-American in cold blood... no outrage.

Nice double standard you animals have, be a shame if any thing happened to it.

Victor said...


mlbxxxxxx said...

It's all great that Jordan has up'd their effort but wake me up when Jordanian boots are on the ground in force against ISIS.

Also, somewhat tangentially, fuck Turkey. I think we ought to tell Turkey to get in the fight against ISIS in a serious way or get out of NATO.

mlbxxxxxx said...

Ten Bears drink fire water. Make blog comment.

Dark Avenger said...

Ten Bears is talking about Rachel Corrie, who,was killed by a bulldozer when she was protesting the bulldozing of Palestinian homes as retaliation for Palestinian attacks.

His second reference is to the interception of a ship in international waters by the Israelis in international waters that resulted in the death of several passengers, including an American citizen.

Mlbxxxxx, you're a racist asshole. Use teh Google to educated yourself, if you can.

Victor said...

I'm aware of what Ten Bears was referring to.

I just don't particularly relish being called an "animal."
Though, in truth, I am - as we all are.