Thursday, November 27, 2014


This is something to be thankful for:
The first human trial of an experimental Ebola vaccine has produced promising results, U.S. scientists said, raising hopes that protection from the deadly disease may be on the horizon.

All 20 healthy adults who received the vaccine in a trial run by researchers from the National Institutes of Health in Maryland produced an immune response and developed anti-Ebola antibodies, the NIH said Wednesday.

None suffered serious side effects, although two people developed a brief fever within a day of vaccination.

The vaccine is being developed by the NIH's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and British pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline. The process has been fast-tracked in light of the current catastrophic Ebola outbreak in West Africa....
But ... but ... but right-wingers told me that President Obama wants Ebola to spread, and wants it to ultimately become epidemic in America, because allowing Ebola to spread in America is an act of reparations, a payback for slavery and colonialism! So why is Obama's NIH actually helping to curb the spread of the disease?

Maybe we'll be told that the president tried to start an Ebola epidemic in America, but the outrage of conservative governors and citizens, as well as the turnout of True Patriots at the ballot box in November, persuaded him that he had to abandon his fiendish plans for mass infection, and thus we had these new drug trials (which I'm sure took only a matter of days, and weren't the culmination of a long process that was accelerated when the African epidemic expanded months ago, right?).

Or maybe it will be argued that Obama is planning to give all the good drugs to the Africans, while letting Americans die (y'know like the -- checks notes -- zero Americans currently infected with Ebola).

But, in any case, this seems like good news -- or so the liberal media would like you to believe....

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