Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Ratings for likely non-bin Laden killer Robert O'Neill? Excellent:

Book sales for likely non-on-camera government hacking victim Sharyl Attkisson? According to the latest New York Times bestseller list, which was just released today, pretty good:

Truth? Who cares? Right-wingers want a story they like, or a story that makes them self-righteously angry. You can question the facts they want to hear, but they're not interested. The truth is whatever reinforces their worldview.


UPDATE: Oh yeah, this is plausible:

The rubes will believe anything that reinforces their worldview.


Ken_L said...

Yep, they can't get enough of the chance to hiss the villain. Look at those terrible videos by D'Souza or the even worse books by Mark Steyn: just a litany of tired complaints that have been made since 2008, right down to sending Churchill's bust back to England and the "apology tour". But a good chunk of the population laps them up apparently. It's very depressing but does explain so much.

Victor said...

Yes, the rubes will buy anything that reinforces their world view.

And send money to grifters, and buy their books and video's.

It's a great racket - for soulless psychopaths and sociopaths.

Unknown said...

Any way to determine how many of those books were purchased by GOP outlets in bulk? They love those 'free' giveaways when folks sign up for their tripe.

@Ken_L-Have you ever happened upon Steyn sitting in for Rush Limbaugh? He's horrible, yet laughably so. He sounds as if he has a script of anti-Obama talking points, and tries to squeeze in as many as possible in a single sentence! Rush is disgusting, but he is a talented radio broadcaster. Steyn is just pathetic. He surely puts to rest the old canard of Brits 'sounding' smarter than Americans.

Steve M. said...

The Times adds a symbol to the listing of any book for which bulk buys are reported. There's no symbol for this one. And I know enough people in the book business to know that sales of right-wing superstars, at least, are regarded as legit (O'Reilly in particular).

Right-wing news on TV dominates the ratings. Right-wingers dominate talk radio. Those ratings are legit (alas). I think most of these bestseller-list positions are, too (alas).