Thursday, November 06, 2014


Mainstream journalists will retransmit any framing story spoon-fed to them by their favorite Republicans, even if that story defies all common sense. This is from CNN:
Chris Christie's big moment

Gov. Chris Christie granted interviews to all five major news networks Wednesday morning, reveling in the thumping Republican governors gave Democrats on Election Night.

As chairman of the Republican Governors Association, Christie helped raise $106 million over the past year and made public appearances with candidates in 26 states, on top of fundraisers and other RGA events in 10 others.

Republicans picked up four Democratic-held governorships and held on to key competitive states.

"I love that map this morning," the New Jersey Republican said on Fox News, with a slightly raspy voice. "It looks absolutely fabulous."

For Christie, the night represented a high point after months of controversy surrounding his office's involvement with the Bridgegate scandal and budget woes in New Jersey. The victories gave him fresh momentum and leadership bona fides as he prepares for a potential presidential run....

Phil Cox, the executive director of the RGA, [told] reporters on a conference call that Christie "deserves an immense amount of credit for the leadership he provided." ...
Really? Republicans win big in Senate races, House races, state legislative races, and governors' races, and we're supposed to think, "Oh, wow, that Chris Christie did a hell of a job just working on governors' races"?

Well, that's certainly what we're being told by one fawning CNN reporter -- a guy who just happens to be the brother of Christie's favorite gubernatorial Democrat.
Pressed by CNN's Chris Cuomo on "New Day" to elaborate on the public pressure he's facing to run, Christie didn't budge, saying only they he'll make his decision "based on my own time table and not on anybody else's."

Asked how he can say no to 2016 after having a successful year, Christie replied: "I don't know that you'd say 'no'. But I haven't said 'yes.'"

"That's a big difference," he added.
How can you possibly say no, Governor? Don't let us down! Thanks for that objectivity, Cuomo.

And at about 3:09 in this clip, we get possibly the stupidest, most incoherent sound bite ever, delivered to an apparently brain-dead Matt Lauer and presented without comment on NBC as if it's a brilliant flash of insight:

CHRISTIE: That's why Republican governors were elected last night, reelected and new ones elected, Matt: 'cause governors get things done.
Hunh? Governors get things done, and therefore, in states such as Maryland and Massachusetts, voters elected ... new Republican governors (who by definition haven't gotten things done)? And governors who are Democrats don't get things done? And members of the House and Senate don't get things done, but Republicans won both, mostly as incumbents in the House, though not so much in the Senate?

The sound bite is absolutely meaningless as an analysis of this week's elections -- and is absolutely ideal as a slogan for Christie's own presidential run.

And the Christie-worshiping press just drinks it in.

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Victor said...

Christie is hard at work, laying some new meme's on the MSM.

Their job is to lap-up the best ones, and regurgitate them to the next "reporter."

Looks like Chris Christ(ie) might yet be the Republican's Savior in 2016.