Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Talking Points Memo reports that Samuel "Joe the Plumber" Wurzelbacher has weighed in on Ferguson. From his Facebook page:

Another (poorly punctuated) Facebook post says, "It's interesting that one of the items NOT being looted in Ferguson is work boots?"

Um, Joe? Here's a photo from a St. Louis job fair that was held in June:

Headline of the story from the local CBS affiliate, KMOX: "Thousands Turn Out for Annual Job Fair."

So shut the hell up with your "All ni... um, liberal Democrats want to stay dependent on government" line of argument, And by the way, Joe: What exactly do you do for a living?


UPDATE: Right -- a commenter reminds me that Wurzelbacher got a union job at Chrysler in February.


Unknown said...

Got a UNION JOB at a Chrysler plant a few months ago.

Victor said...

Of all of the people standing around that day, Obama had to pick this sociopathic yutz to talk to...

Anonymous said...

Victor - it's Ohio. Even up around Toledo, any random white guy he picked to talk to would have had a good chance to end up being someone exactly like Wurzelbacher.