Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Here are three James Foley stories on the Fox Nation front page right now. First, the oldest one:

Then, of course, we learned that the president sent Special Forces to try to rescue Foley, but the would-be rescuers learned, after a firefight, that Foley wasn't at the targeted location. So we get this at Fox Nation -- even though the original thread is still up:

And then, after that, we get Charles Krauthammer complaining not only that Obama shouldn't have made information about the raid public, he shouldn't be sending missions to rescue kidnapped journalists and fight their captors at all:

A "Special Report" panel discussed this news released by the Obama administration on the attempted rescue mission. Charles Krauthammer called the statement "a political reaction to a horrific event."

Krauthammer said that it could also be interpreted as a message to ISIS that we failed.

According to Krauthammer, the response is not a rescue mission, it's the continuation of airstrikes. He called it encouraging that the U.S. doubled airstrikes today.

Krauthammer also blasted Obama's statements on James Foley's murder as "weak, ambiguous and vague."
Well, it was big of Krauthammer to offer praise for the continued airstrikes -- but note that we're approaching the point at which Fox News bloviators seem prepared to criticize the president even if he launches a successful rescue mission, killing a few captors along the way. Krauthammer seems ready to proclaim that any successful rescue in the future is actually a strategic failure and a foreign policy blunder.

Well, what do I expect? These people attacked Obama for the successful bin Laden raid. Obama took too much credit himself! Obama leaked secret information! Obama isn't really in the Situation Room photo! With these clowns, he can never win.


Ken_L said...

A very simple argument that so many "centrists" just refuse to believe: the right will never endorse anything Obama does, and under no circumstances will they accept him as a legitimate president. They bawl about the need for "leadership" and simultaneously screech that they would never follow Obama no matter what he did. Anyone who proposes political initiatives that don't acknowledge these simple truths is living in a fantasy world.

Victor said...

That "fantasy world" also includes far too many of our MSM "reporters" and pundits.

FOX, Reich-Wing talk radio, and Murdoch's newspapers and other media outlets have done far more damage than any of the "Fifth Columnists' everyone was so worried about, decades ago.

They are the rot and rust in our nations moral and ethical understructure.

John Taylor said...

Does Krauthammer think that ISIL didn't notice the raid and Obama let the cat out of the bag?