Wednesday, November 06, 2013


Public Policy Polling conducts a survey on the 2014 Texas Senate race and finds that if GOP incumbent John Cornyn loses a primary, Republicans could hold the seat even if Cornyn's replacement on the ticket is ... Louie Gohmert:
... [Cornyn] still has decent sized leads in hypothetical head to heads with two Democrats who are probably stronger than the party's eventual nominee will be anyway. Cornyn leads [San Antonio mayor] Julian Castro 49/35 and [former Houston mayor] Bill White 44/39.

The two Democrats would be more competitive if Gohmert was the Republican standard bearer- he leads Castro 44/35 and White just 40/39. But basically the conclusion there is that even if 1) Democrats got their best candidate possible and 2) Cornyn got taken out in the primary by someone voters saw as an extremist, it's still not a certainty Democrats would be able to make the race competitive.
Yep -- Julian Castro, rising star and potential Democratic VP candidate, loses by 9 points in his home state to Louie freaking Gohmert.

And even Bill White loses by 1, and White is, well, white (and doesn't share a surname with a communist dictator).

If Louie freaking Gohmert runs that well statewide, do yourself a favor and don't bet the rent money on Wendy Davis winning the governorship. Or on a Democrat winning any statewide race in Texas in the next twenty years.


Tom Hilton said...

I agree with your assessment of the state of things today, but 20 years is a very long time. Just saying.

Phil Perspective said...

Gohmert won't succeed Cornyn. If any GOPer does it will be David Barton. Yes, Glenn Beck's phony historian buddy. The Teahadists are pleading with him to primary Cornyn.

Marmot said...

Agreeing with Tom above, 20 years is a long time. And we're just starting a serious effort to beat back the insanes and stupids. Kindly scale back the hyperbole--it doesn't serve you or us.

Steve M. said...

I know the 'baggers were trying to recruit Barton, but he says he's not going to run.

Victor said...

Until I hear Barton quote WT Sherman on running, I won't believe him.

That's IF, if the ignorant faux-historian even knows who Sherman is - which is probably likely - or, what he said - which is most likely a crap-shoot.

Pete said...

"Hispanics accounted for 65% of the state's growth since 2000, while non-Hispanic whites experienced the smallest increase of any group, just 4.2%." — USA Today (2/23/2011). I have not seen age-range population data, but I'd guess many of those Hispanics were young, and will be voting in less than 15 years. Now is too soon, but I'm guessing change is gonna come before 20 years are up. And turmoil will likely come first.