Sunday, November 24, 2013


An Iranian nuclear deal was reached last night -- and if I'm correctly understanding what its critics have said about it, some of them even before the deal was finalized, the entire point of the deal reached by the "P5+1" nations (the U.S., Russia, China, Britain, France, and Germany) was to give Obama something to talk about other than Obamacare, even if the end result is the destruction of Israel and the extermination of the Jews. Or something like that:

Um, I thought Britain, France, and Germany, in particular, were "our allies." Oh, but I forget: in this context, "our allies" means Israel (it's plural, kind of like the royal "we").

And, um, Senator Cornyn, how is this evil scheme supposed to work? Yes, all the earth's great powers are supposed to be helping Obama change the subject from Obamacare's failures -- but a deal just gives you guys the opportunity to flood the zone with talk of appeasement and Munich and dhimmitude and whatever. Nothing that could have been negotiated in Geneva would have gotten any other kind of response from you, or at least nothing short of a treaty delivered personally by Slim Pickens dangling off the end of a nuclear bomb aimed straight at Tehran. All Obama has done is given you another chance to take potshots at him. So why would he even think the dog could be wagged?


Unknown said...

Whenever I think their stupidity can't shock me anymore, they do it again.

Honestly, I thought it was bad enough that there are people out there who literally believe that the more other countries we piss off (except Israel of course), the better. But some people think that when a Republican is president, no Americans are ever taken hostage, no embassies are ever blown up, no one ever looks at us so much as cross-eyed. They think this is empirically true.

There's no negotiating with such people. You just have to outvote them and ignore them.

Victor said...


That there tweet by Cornyn is destined for "The TEH STOOOOOOOOOPID Tweet Hall of Fame."

And it's not like a run-of-the-mill hall-of-famer.

It's like the Babe Ruth and Willy Mays, the Michael Jordan and Bill Russell, the Johnny Unitas and Jim Brown, and the Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods, of TEH STOOOOOOOOPID tweets!

They've amped-up their TEH STOOOOOOOOPID way past 10, WAY past 11, and are well on their way to triple-digits!

Glennis said...

Obama's attempts to avoid nuclear war distracts us from the Republicans' concerted efforts to concern troll about a website.

Ten Bears said...

Israel is a Terrorist State. The Mother of All Terrorist States. An utterly alien occupier perpetrating an American Taxpayer conceived, financed and morally sanctioned genocide upon the indigenous descendants of the "biblical hebrew". It has no "right" to exist and this world will never know Peace until it does not.

No fear.

Examinator said...

Ten Bears,
As I've said said before you have a point that Israel acts like a terrorist state and is ONE of the factors that makes the the middle east such a tinder box and yes the good ole USA is exacerbating the issue(S) by through it's inanely simplistic long term support for tyrannical regimes for it own benefits.
And yes Israel doesn't have a non religious "right" to exist. See the real independent verifiable history of the Judeans. Having said that reality is reality...Israel exists and expunging it is a counter productive nonsense.
Israel can and should be able to live within the Middle East with the same security of any other nation. But the rat bag element within simply want to rule al republican intransigence ( as if change is controllable not something that must be adjusted to).
I'd also point out that many Jews in In and outside of Israel aren't actually genetic descendent of Abraham's tribe.
Notwithstanding I think that your hyperbole against Israel is overly simplistic.
I'd add for the others that (the Sunni) Saudis and the Gulf states are opposed to Iran on long standing religious grounds and they fear (the Shia) Iran's power.
They see this deal as allowing Syria's Assard (Alawite Shia) to survive.
This in turn will further destable Lebanon and it's hotch potch of incendiary factions.
Ultimately this could mean an Israel surrounded by Shia Muslims or a Shia dominated middle east. Israel's paranoia would send it into a tail spin and it would be a matter of time before it did something stupid.
I'd suggest that in any negotiation with Iran over Nukes it's interference in Lebanon and support for Assad must be included. That will mean the US will probably have to guarantee their safety from the Sunni states.
All that means that the US foreign policy will have to change from Colonial self interest to ??

Examinator said...

To one of ACTUAL leadership perhaps?
Hell it can't even govern it's self properly!

Ten Bears said...

I am pleased you see it as overly simplistic, Ex, it was composed (quite some time ago) for overly simple minds.

For a thousand years, oaths have been sworn.