Thursday, November 14, 2013


The Daily Caller informs me of this:
Ann Coulter thinks the woman who formerly served as the face of the Obamacare website is going to have to "make a sex tape" to recover her reputation.

On Wednesday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel's "Hannity,"the conservative columnist ... discussed the various pitfalls of the Obamacare rollout.

Coulter referred specifically to the woman who had previously been the face of the Obamacare website known as "Adriana," who in an interview with ABC's "Good Morning America" on Wednesday morning revealed herself as an immigrant from Colombia and offered some details about her life.

HANNITY: All right. What's your reaction to that?
COULTER: I feel sorry for this poor woman.
HANNITY: Me, too.
COULTER: Adriana's going to have to make a sex tape next week to get her reputation back.
HANNITY: Oh, stop....

You need to watch the clip if you want to understand where the blame lies here. Yes, it lies with Coulter, who's as vile as always. But watch the way the segment is structured. The "sex tape" line isn't just one in a flurry of Coulter one-liners -- Hannity and his staff clearly built the segment around it. Hannity begins the segment by talking about the website model. He then plays a clip from the Good Morning America segment that goes on for nearly a minute.

All to set up that joke. (And a subsequent two-part joke about the woman's immigrant status: "Obama was giving -- giving a job that should have gone to an American to an immigrant, except she wasn’t paid. So he’s just exploiting an immigrant laborer and blew an opportunity to create at least one job." After that, Coulter and Hannity drop the subject of the model.)

Oh, but I forgot: Obamacare is so horrible that it's perfectly fair to go on national television and tell two million viewers that a woman who had nothing to do with its creation or implementation ought to try making a porno, just because she has a tangential connection to the law.


Victor said...

You know, I can almost, ALMOST, can feel sorry for Coulter.

Her looks, whatever there was of them before, are fading fast.

And she's SOOOOO yesterday!

Sure, she's still shrill, rude, crude, and socially unacceptable - but that's no longer enough.
Women like Malkin, and other female young-un's, have upped the ante.

And so, Coulter has to try harder and harder to be "funny" and make her idiotic and sociopathic points.

She's like some poor junkie who's got to keep increasing either the amount of the drug, or the strength of the drug, to get to the same high.

I hope she OD's on her own bile.
If that makes me a bad person, then so be it...

John Taylor said...

Ann Coulter is a miserable and evil woman. That's the printable version of my thoughts.

Examinator said...
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Examinator said...

In Ann Coulter's defence she's doing what she is paid for. One might speculate as to her moral import i.e. selling her dignity,integrity is perhaps apt.

What she said was IMHO wrong,irrelevant personalised ... well expected CRAP. it was standard Conservative manipulative techniques (101).

Attacking her personally in like manner is both allowing the conservatives TO DEFLECT from the real issues ( in this case to make a reasoned refutation of ACA / its installation) and define the conversation....into unproductive name calling.

If we're allowed to rubbish their spokes persons by attacking them with irrelevant personal attacks and gratuitous one liners (me too),
then one should not be surprised if the conservatives continue in this distracting technique (conversational tenor).
It might be fun when we're delivering the attack, but is it productive?

We shall not turn to hymn number 1000.413 and sing....;-)

Mike Lumish said...


I seem to recall that Ms Coulter took some flak for her slut baiting of President Clinton, and defended herself on the grounds that SHE could pick up some guy in a bar every night of the week but it would be OK because SHE was not married. And that makes all the difference.

I also seem to recall a post by the Rude Pundit after her father, the notorious union buster, passed on to his reward. It had something to do with a hell full of barb-dicked demons, all of whom wore Ann's face.

That was teh funny.

Grung_e_Gene said...

The PPACA website troubles is Obama's Katrina. Or Obama's 11th Katrina according to the Right-Wing Fart Bubble News.

As always what's discouraging is the fact that no matter what happens conservatives engage in BBC; Blame Barack Campaign, so that years from now they can recall and chide liberals don't you remember how bad things were under Obama! The Country was so divided!

Glennis said...

What a vile piece of shit Coulter is!

The demonization of the woman whose photo was on the site is really sick. I've seen some incredibly awful comments, even on mainstream sites. There are some truly horrible people out there.