Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This one's from Montana:

'Bro' sign about Obama angers in Stevensville

STEVENSVILLE - Parading with Bitterroot Valley Republican groups in her Hummer, Cathy Kulonis said she was exercising her First Amendment rights Saturday when she hoisted a sign reading "No Mo Bro" during Creamery Picnic festivities here.

In response to angry requests to remove the sign, and contentions that it carried unsavory racial overtones regarding President Barack Obama, Kulonis held her ground, referring to those who complained as "red-faced maniacs" and "liberal extremists."

..."I was just smiling and greeting everybody, when all of a sudden on my left I heard those people screaming, 'You're a racist, take your sign down,' and I thought, 'I'm not a racist,'" Kulonis said.

... Kulonis, who moved to Montana from California, a state she called "the land of fruits and nuts," said any racial interpretation of “No Mo Bro” was off base.

"Bro" referred to "brother" in the Christian sense, as in a fellow member of the church, Kulonis said, and was not a reference to "brother," as in slang for a black man.

..."I can't help what people think and someone being offended is not my responsibility," she said. "Everything I did, I did with my own kind heart." ...

So, if we're to believe this, does this mean she's against brotherhood? She thinks brotherhood is a bad thing? That's what she wants us to believe?

Kulonis has made her presence felt before. Here she is last March being charged with disorderly conduct for blocking the path of an abortion-clinic volunteer escort. (A Republican state senator subsequently introduced legislation that would create a protective "bubble" around abortion clinic protesters, even though there's no evidence protesters are being harassed.)

Kulonis was also a member of a group called Constitutionally Correct Lone Rock School/Public Schools, which worked with Jerry Falwell's Liberty Counsel to get Christmas celebrations into public schools; she decried the "human secularism, spiritism, communism, Marxism, among others... openly expressed by the Staff and Administration of Lone Rock School." (She can also be found here telling The Washington Post's that a brief blog post about media reactions to Falwell's death ought to be really, really laudatory, and insulting fellow commenters who don't like Falwell.)

She's deeply concerned about people who don't "honor God's son's birth at Christmastime" because they "prefer being politically correct, not wanting to offend anyone in order to keep [their] customers and friends," according to a letter to The Bitterroot Star that appears here.

And she was once a member of the "We Surround Them" Meetup group in western Montana -- although the group, named after a Glenn Beck slogan, no longer exists, for some reason.

And she's a racist.

Or a brotherhood-hater. One or the other.

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