Sunday, August 09, 2009


I don't think this is going to work the way I suspect the Obama administration is hoping it will:

Pres. Obama holds his OWN town hall in New Hampshire this Tuesday where the issues of the economy and health care are likely to be the dominant issues. Of course, what many will be watching is to see if this town hall invites the same passion as we've witnessed at town halls for members of Congress this last week.

I suspect we'll see some interesting back-n-forths both in the town hall itself and outside the venue.

... I'd bet some inside the White House are hoping for a confrontation since they believe the president's demeanor alone will politically play well with the folks the White House cares most about right now, ACTUAL independents.

That's from NBC's Chuck Todd -- and yes, Chuck, I think a confrontation is what everyone in the White House is hoping for, or at least counting on.

Unfortunately, I think the righties are smart enough to tell their people to back off. Their plan is make this a self-fulfilling prophecy:

BTW, here's one invitation NBC News has gotten their hands on from a group rallying against the president. This is from the New Hampshire Republican Volunteer Coalition:

NHRVC members and others,

Barack Hussein Obama will be arriving in Portsmouth on Tuesday to hold a STAGED "Town Hall Meeting", where he will essentially hand pick who the guests will be and what types of questions will be asked of him.

A MASSIVE protest rally is being organized just outside of the facility where Obama will be holding his "Town Hall Meeting" to promote his plan for a government takeover of your healthcare decisions....

They want the town hall to seem fixed. They want Obama not to be confronted by any provocateurs (he's not just some member of Congress, he's the president). They want it to seem as if the genuinely angry people are being kept outside the hall, whether or not that's true.

I hope Obama and his people have a plan for that. I worry that they don't.

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