Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Well, Fox Nation does think the death of Senator Ted Kennedy is sort of an important story:

But I guess it would be poor news judgment to bump the infinitely more significant OBAMA DESECRATES 9/11!!!!!1!!! from the top of the Fox Nation charts....


AND: Does anyone understand what the hell Roger Simon is talking about at Pajamas Media?

Kennedy left the scene of a fatal accident for which he was at least partly responsible. Then he used his extraordinary power to get off, spending the rest of his career in pseudo-remorse, playing the most liberal of Senators. It was always an act to me, even when I agreed with him politically. This was not a life well lived.

It was an act? Hunh? In what way? He was really a Reaganite and a Randian? He was just pretending to make the Senate his life's work? I throw up my hands.

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