Thursday, December 07, 2006

You've heard about the "fetal pain awareness" bill that was brought up in the lame-duck session of Congress as a sop to anti-abortion voters, even though it had no chance of becoming law. (It was defeated in the House last night.) Well, it seems that at least one anti-abortion figure isn't upset -- he opposed the bill not because it's too extreme, but because it's not extreme enough.

Columbine Dad and newly elected President of Colorado Right to Life [Danny Brian Rohrbough] is challenging the wisdom of National Right to Life and Senator Sam Brownback's "Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act." Any law that ends with "and then you can kill the baby, is an inherently evil law."

...According to Rohrbough, "Would any rational human being have felt better about what the Nazis did to the Jews, if they had offered them pain medication? Why, then, does National Right to Life think it appropriate to suggest that women sedate innocent, pre-born infants before they are murdered by abortionists?"

..."The American people deserve the opportunity to hear an honest debate with the nation's largest pro-life organization about why they propose legislation that merely promotes a kinder, gentler way of killing," said the father of Danny Rohrbough, who was murdered at Columbine.

(Yeah, Rohrbough is the guy who blames the Columbine massacre on legalized abortion, a notion so bizarre and outlandish that Katie Couric agreed to give it a national TV airing on CBS in the wake of the recent Amish school shootings.)

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