Saturday, December 23, 2006


A real kneeslapper of a scenario from the New York Observer (and yes, I'll grant that the first part is not implausible):

THE SENATOR (sipping from a gin fizz): Here's what you're going to do. Get his schedule. Hour by hour. The next time he's in New York, we give Al Sharpton the heads-up -- have Sharpton meet his fucking plane, for all I care -- and we make sure there are photographers there. And then we make sure those photographers snap a photo of him in the same frame with Sharpton. Even better if Sharpton has his arm around him -- yes, that would be perfect. The next morning, when that photo hits the papers? Bye-bye, Obama.

THE AIDE: But don't you think he'll see Sharpton and run the other way? He's got to know what a photo like that—

THE SENATOR: Am I hearing a no? Surely I must be imagining it?

THE AIDE: (dejected; mumbles something).

THE SENATOR: Oh good. For a second, I thought a nasty little fly had landed in the room. You know what one does with nasty flies, don't you? I'll tell you: You swat them. So hard that they leave just a smear of blood. Now it seems my gin's lost its fizz -- why don't you make yourself useful for once and get me a goddamn refill. And get me Rupert on the phone.

So let me see if I have the new portrait of Satanic Psycho Bitch Hillary straight: she's a cold-blooded automaton, but she also tosses off wickedly evil witticisms like Cruella de Vil. While swilling gin. So she's a lively automaton.

Is there any evil image that isn't going to be applied to her? Where do people get this crap?

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