Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It's as if the entire Bush White House is some sort of Wharton School of Mismanagement:

WORLD Bank president Paul Wolfowitz faces mounting criticism from directors of the international lending organisation who say he relies on political advisers with little expertise in development while driving away seasoned managers.

Half of the bank's 29 highest-level executives have left since Mr Wolfowitz, the former US deputy defence secretary and an architect of President George Bush's invasion of Iraq, took office in June last year....

Mr Wolfowitz, 62, "has placed considerably more trust in a small group of outsiders from the Republican Party than in the seasoned experts in the bank", said Alison Cave, head of the World Bank staff association.

"The changes under Wolfowitz are unprecedented in the calculated manner in which inexperienced or ideological replacements are being placed in senior positions," said Mr [Devesh] Kapur [a former World Bank economist]....

Can we please disqualify anyone who's ever worked for the Bush administration from ever doing anything again that involves other people in any way whatsoever?

(Via DU.)

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