Friday, January 06, 2006

From National Journal's Hotline:


The Hotline has learned from three House sources that at least two-dozen House GOPers spanning the ideological spectrum have agreed to sign a letter to House Conference Chair Deborah Pryce (R-OH) requesting new leadership elections in an effort to block Rep. Tom DeLay from reclaiming his post as Maj Leader....

The Republicans and the conservative movement have gotten out in front of this scandal so fast it's making my head spin. They know they have to save the Party by any means necessary -- and they're getting the job done. The general public is just starting to pay attention to this, and the first impressions the public is getting are of Gingrich calling for reform and right-leaning columnists expressing disgust and the Republican rank-and-file purging its leadership. There it is -- game, set, and match. By November, outside their home states, Tom DeLay and Bob Ney will no more than answers to a trivia question. Sad to say, Abramoff will be about as big an issue in the '06 elections as Enron was in '02 and '04.


I should add that I do think the Republicans are vulnerable in '06 on Iraq (see: yesterday's news) and on the economy (they just don't understand the persistent, wentirely justified economic insecurity of ordinary Americans). But Abramoff? Not gonna matter a whit.

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