Wednesday, April 13, 2005


You know those Tom DeLay "Please commit suicide" shirts you've been so upset about? The ones that are so much worse than anything a conservative would produce?

Dear Robert Byrd, Please commit suicide.

Dear Teddy Kennedy, Please commit suicide.

Dear Hillary Clinton, Please commit suicide.

Dear Hollywood, Please Commit suicide.

Dear Liberals, Please commit suicide.

Just thought you'd like to know.

(Incidentally, Michelle Malkin says the DeLay shirt has been removed from circulation but still shows up if you search CafePress for "delay suicide." That was true yesterday, but not anymore. Typical -- the maker of this shirt has been hounded by the right-wing banshees and forced to censor himself,* while the seller of the shirts listed above is unscathed. Why?)


*UPDATE: Christopher Goodwin, designer of the Tom DeLay suicide shirt, says he took the shirt down from the site on his own initiative, as he explains here:

APRIL 11, 2005

Earlier today, I came to my own conclusion that the Tom DeLay suicide shirt was in poor taste and could legitimately cause offense to people who have had to deal with suicide in their own families....

Drudge posted his item after that.

Hard to imagine our right-wing friend having the decency to come to the same conclusion. (By the way, here's another series of items at that site -- items that declare the traditional Middle Eastern keffiyeh the 21st century swastika. Charming.

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