Wednesday, April 27, 2005


In mid-April, Viacom revealed that it was reimbursing two top executives, co-Presidents Leslie Moonves and Thomas Freston, for sleeping in their own homes while in New York and Los Angeles on business.

...Moonves, who lives in Los Angeles, owns a home in New York. When he stays at that home while traveling on business, he's reimbursed -- to the tune of $105,000 in 2004. Likewise, Freston -- who lives in New York and owns a home in Los Angeles -- was reimbursed $43,100 for staying at his L.A. domicile last year. Both executives earned about $20 million apiece in 2004.

--BusinessWeek via Yahoo News

Remember, these are the people Republicans want to reward with even more tax cuts.

(Link via DU.)

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