Thursday, September 09, 2004

Well, this Air National Guard stuff is fun, but I'm afraid it won't have nearly enough impact on the election. What we're hearing now about Bush is the truth -- and, alas, the truth about Bush lacks the satisfying narrative richness of the charges against Kerry, which were invented by a conspiracy of liars.

All this would be far more effective if there were 260-odd lifelong Bush haters willing to sign affidavits asserting that they hoovered up lines of coke with Bush before waving goodbye as he drove his prostitute girlfriend to an illegal abortionist just across the Mexican border, all of which explain his failure to show up for meetings and take required physicals. Or, even better, that he never flew the damn planes at all.

Let's not get our hopes up -- this won't turn the election around. It sure can't hurt, though.

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