Monday, September 13, 2004


Lynne Gobbell never imagined the cost of a John Kerry-John Edwards bumper sticker could run so high.

Gobbell of Moulton didn't pay a cent for the sticker that she proudly displays on the rear windshield of her Chevrolet Lumina, but said it cost her job at a local factory after it angered her boss, Phil Gaddis.

Gaddis, a Decatur bankruptcy attorney, owns Enviromate, a cellulose insulation company in Moulton.

..."I asked him if he said to remove the sticker and he said, 'Yes, I did.' I told him he couldn't tell me who to vote for. When I told him that, he told me, 'I own this place.' I told him he still couldn't tell me who to vote for."

Gobbell said Gaddis told her to "get out of here."

"I asked him if I was fired and he told me he was thinking about it," she said. "I said, 'Well, am I fired?' He hollered and said, 'Get out of here and shut the door.' "

She said her manager was standing in another room and she asked him if that meant for her to go back to work or go home. The manager told her to go back to work, but he came back a few minutes later and said, "'I reckon you're fired. You could either work for him or John Kerry,'" Gobbell said....

--Decatur Daily, Decatur, Alabama


Gaddis is, as the story reports, the sort of boss who puts pro-Bush leaflets in employees' pay envelopes -- "because of the Bush tax (cut) ... I was able to give you a job." (Does he put these leaflets in every pay envelope? If so, what is he saying -- that it's categorically impossible to employee someone if Bush isn't President? Did this company exist before January 20, 2001? Will it just automatically close its doors on January 20, 2005 or January 20, 2009, or whenever Fate deprives Gaddis of Bush? How does Gaddis think capitalism managed to survive in this country before the Dawn of Bush? Did we have 100% unemployment before then?)

(Link via INTL News.)

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