Monday, September 21, 2015


Scott Walker's out.
Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin has concluded he no longer has a path to the Republican presidential nomination and plans to drop out of the 2016 campaign, according to three Republicans familiar with his decision who spoke on the condition of anonymity....

[One] supporter said that Mr. Walker’s fund-raising had dried up after his decline in the polls....

In the most recent CNN survey, Mr. Walker drew support nationally from less than one-half of one percent of Republican primary voters.
This is one common reaction:

Yes, Walker was dull as dishwater. But Ben Carson is in the top tier, and, as Timothy Egan put it over the weekend, Carson regularly "looks like he can't find his glasses after waking up from a long nap." So what's going on?

Walker led the field early in the year because he'd persuaded a lot of voters that he was the guy who knew how to pummel enemies into submission. Unions busted! Three electoral victories in four years! All in a state that consistently votes blue in presidential elections! He was that and he was a soft-spoken suburbanite with a great love for Jesus.

What happened was that Donald Trump came to seem like a much more powerful agent of revenge. Walker's vengeance was in the past, but Trump's was in the present -- he was currently infuriating the political world (and anyone who criticized him) with his low but effective cheap schoolyard attacks.

So Walker lost the revanchist vote to Trump -- and at the same time, voters in search of a quiet, deeply Christian detester of liberalism gravitated to Ben Carson, who isn't sullied by having held elected office and whose blackness probably gives GOP voters a frisson of excitement that his actual personality doesn't provide.

Horserace journalists say that every candidate occupies a "lane," but most straddle a couple of lanes. Walker was in exactly two -- and in each one an outsider roared past him. So he was left in the dust.


mlbxxxxxx said...

Yeah, I think we owe Trump a debt of gratitude for doing in Walker. Carson clearly took a piece of him, too, but I think Trump attracted the mean, nasty GOP voter that was Walker's natural constituency. Now to see Cruz drop out -- which would be truly shocking and not likely at all -- would be sweet, though.

Unknown said...

Scott Walker + > 8 months = indicted

Yastreblyansky said...

It's also that Walker's main hate target, organized labor, wasn't somebody those voters really hate; he was campaigning mostly to the Koch brothers and the National Review and Ailes with the rest of the (broadcast) media. A lot of those rednecks seem to us to be anti-union when they're really spooked by some aspect of the educational system (e.g. Common Core) or fear of some anti-union employer (Walmart).

Dave R said...

Right wingers support Carson because they think that proves they're not racists.