Saturday, September 12, 2015

Is Sarah Palin living evidence that the University of Idaho should lose its accreditation?

If we had Sarah Palin During World War II, we wouldn't have
needed Navajo code talkers.
"Palin returned to the University of Idaho in January 1986, and received her bachelor's degree in communication with an emphasis in journalism in May, 1987."
Source: Wikipedia

A tip of my hat to the Daily Kos, which printed the following transcript of Palin’s, umm, thoughtful political explication of the way things are, after it was broadcast by Rachel Maddow. 
"So up there in Alaska, across the way Russia," Sarah Palin said. "You know there is a name for this taking advantage of America. There is a Russian name for that. And it is called 'fortushka.' And that means Obama's window of opportunity. So as Obama leads from behind the skirt of his right-hand man, Valerie Jarrett, then it's up to Congress to close that window. He may propose. You dispose, Congress. You gotta be in it to win it because we want peace. With unapologetic mighty red, white, and blue, will have peace.”
And thanks also to Ms. Maddow, who understands that politics is a spectator sport. Grab yourself a handful of popcorn — that’s all the popcorn you’ll have time for — and go here to see one minute and seven seconds of Sarah Palin’s “communications.”

Palin isn’t even the Yogi Berra of politics. At least, in a syntactically twisted way, Berra made a kind of sense. “If you can’t imitate him, don’t copy him,” as Berra himself said.

As for the University of Idaho, I’d suggest that if they want to keep their accreditation, they ought to change the names of some of their courses. Instead of calling them “communications” or “journalism,” call them “free range Dadaism.” 

Otherwise, some of your graduates may eventually decide, as Berra put it, that they’ve made “too many wrong mistakes.”

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Yastreblyansky said...

OK, so I had to find out. "Fortushka", better spelled "fortuschka", is the Swedish spelling for Russian "fortochka" (фо́рточка), which is a little windowpane that you can open independently of the rest of the window when you want to ventilate the room but it's too cold outside to open the window. I bet it's a real thing in Alaska. Maybe she's saying it's up to Congress to shut that thing and kill us all with carbon monoxide poisoning? Nice post.

Victor said...

Don't insult the Dadaist's.
There was a method to their artistic madness.

For Sarah "The Whore of Babblin-on" Palin, English is a 2nd language.

Her first language, is Gibberish. And she's about as fluent in Gibberish as one can get.

Red Hand said...

My wife, a native Russian speaker, confirms Yas's definition. She is absolutely mystified that this simple noun could have any political connotation at all. In my spouse's charming English, "For Sarah Palin to use such word in politics means she is not to be taken seriously as a political figure."

Belvoir said...

I can't even understand the garbage nonsense Pailin spouted and quoted here, much less refute it. Because it is garbage nonsense.

Joey Blau said...

In college we had a club named the "Democratic Alliance of Dissidents and Anarchists". Good group, but we never had a meeting because no one could agree on a time....

Tonto2 said...

I think the accreditations of Yale (George W Bush) & Harvard (Mitt Romney) should also be reviewed.

Anonymous said...

Shortly after Palin quit the Governor's office, a poster on a blog that regularly wrote about Palin called U of Idaho to verify Palin's degree and whether it was in Journalism or Communications. However, she was not given confirmation that Sarah Heath graduated from the school in the year she claimed she did nor the year prior or the year following. The poster asked them if her degree would be listed under her married name and she was told no, only the name you used at the time you graduated, which in Palin's case would be Heath, her maiden name. The rep from U of I asked for the married name and volunteered to double check although she said if it was under a married name, it would also be under her maiden name because that is what she used at school. However, when the name Palin was mentioned, the poster was told the information she was seeking was private and couldn't be divulged to her without prior authorization from Palin. How quickly their tune changed from being more than willing to verify a degree, even searching surrounding years and finding nothing yet when Palin's name came to light, their system shut down for this poster. Palin's alleged graduation picture from college looks to be that of her sister who also attended U of I and has a degree in dental hygienics and the tassel on her graduation cap is very light in color, indicating her field. Journalism is dk. red if I remember correctly, definitely not what was on the cap being worn by "Sarah."

Can anyone imagine a more inept, alleged graduate with a degree in Communications or Journalism? Palin can't write a coherent sentence of speak without her word salad overwhelming any point she may be attempting to make. We dodged a bullet in '08 as there's quite the chance that if McCain/Palin had won, she might have found it easier to waltz into the Presidency. Fortunately, her supporters are few in number and Palin has no desire to do the work involved in campaigning for President. Her remaining followers remain admant about her being elected President in '16 and think Trump would step aside to let the more supposedly "experienced" candidate (in their minds only) occupy the top of the ticket. They are as delusional as the idiot they support.