Monday, September 21, 2015


Joe Bilello, author of Fox Nation's "Musings of an Average Joe," thinks we mustn't elect Bernie Sanders president while there are still World War II veterans live, because: Nazism.
At Least Wait Till All The WWII Vets Are Dead Before Supporting Bernie Sanders

According to recent polls, socialist Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has opened up double-digit leads over Hillary Clinton in Iowa and New Hampshire, home to the nation's first presidential caucus and primary - and everyone in Arlington National Cemetery has simultaneously turned over in their graves.

On June 6, 1944, Allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy, France en route to Berlin to liberate Europe from Adolf Hitler's national Socialist workers party.... And now, merely a few decades later, a self-avowed socialist is surging in the Democrat primary polls.
So Sanders is Hitler?
To be clear, there are no comparisons to be made between Adolf Hitler and Bernie Sanders...
Well, that's a relief -- for a minute there I thought Bilello was saying the two were identical!
To be clear, there are no comparisons to be made between Adolf Hitler and Bernie Sanders other than the fact that both men used the same weapon of choice in an attempt to become the most powerful man in the world, and that weapon is class warfare. Hitler used class warfare to gain the support of the German workers by pitting them against the "capitalists," in particular the “exploitative” Jewish capitalists. Bernie Sanders has and will continue to attempt the same tactics by vilifying successful Americans as a means to rally the "have-nots" behind the cause of "justice." After all, in order to justify the confiscation of people's wealth you must first demonize them and convince the people that they deserve to be punished.
The extermination of six million Jews, a modest uptick in taxes on the wealthy -- same thing, right?

As I say all the time, this is the normal tone of mainstream right-wing discourse -- and I mean mainstream. This isn't comment #327 in a Breitbart forum -- this is published by the most influential and successful cable news organization in America. Anyone who claims to pay attention to American politics but is shocked by the fact that the racist, sexist Donald Trump is leading the GOP presidential race has spent years willfully ignoring what contemporary right-wingers actually say.

So who is Joe Bilello, Fox's "Average Joe"? It's surprisingly hard to learn anything about him -- he doesn't have a Fox contributor page, and the Facebook page that appears to be his seems designed to preserve the mystery, with an odd selection of favorites:

Does the "Average Joe" work at Long Island's Cunningham Duct Cleaning or Digz Landscaping? It's possible. It's also possible that he's the same Joe Bilello who's a vice president and regional director at Goldman Sachs in New York. That would certainly be consistent with the passionate defense of accumulated wealth in the Sanders column:
Bernie Sanders can talk about big banks, greedy corporations, evil millionaires and billionaires, "free" college, incarceration rates and prison reform, and all the other perceived social and economic injustices all he wants. But the reality is that the entire Sanders campaign is predicated on one thing and one thing only - jealousy. Unless you’re a wealthy Sanders supporter, then it’s self-loathing but for the most part, it’s jealously. You have to really envy and resent those that have more than you in order to throw your support to a socialist.

... One thing that Bernie Sanders supporters don't seem to understand is that Bill Gates, the world's richest man, cannot confiscate their property. The "evil, villain" Koch brothers cannot deny their right to free speech and the Walton family, principal owners of America's largest mom-and-pop stores, Walmart, cannot have them imprisoned under whatever terms they deem necessary. But do you know who does possess all of the aforementioned powers? The government.

... According to the Wall Street Journal, "Sen. Bernie Sanders, whose liberal call to action has propelled his longshot presidential campaign, is proposing an array of new programs that would amount to the largest peacetime expansion of government in modern American history. In all, he backs at least $18 trillion in new spending over a decade according to a tally by the Wall Street Journal, a sum that alarms conservatives and gives even many Democrats pause."

Here's one more fun fact the Sanders crowd may not be aware of. There aren't enough hedge fund managers in America to punish in order to cover that tab.
Are you really average, Joe? Forgive me if I'm suspicious.


Never Ben Better said...

Notice the capitalization of this phrase: "Adolf Hitler's national Socialist workers party". Every word of that should, of course, be capitalized, since that's what the German translates to, but by selective capitalization the "Socialist!!!!!" scareword leaps out at the reader, and makes it seem as if Hitler and Sanders belonged to the same political organization.

Anonymous said...

NBB - That's simply the GOP boilerplate anymore, as popularized by that nice Mr. Goldberg. Since the label defines the thing, anything that uses the word "Socialist" must be the same as anything else that uses the word "Socialist". What he makes of The Democratic People's Republic of Korea, he hasn't said.

Ed Baptist said...

If anybody is insulting the WWII veterans, it's certainly Carson who uses Nazi to refer to any government action that displeases him.

Anonymous said...

Among the ironies here is that one of Barnie's specialties for, oh, the last 30 years or so, has been veterans affairs and making sure that the federal government treats vets fairly and well. Not that it matters to republican operatives in the least (nor do actual veterans).

Yastreblyansky said...

Our Greatest Generation veterans who defeated Hitler would certainly be outraged if we went and elected American's first Jewish president.

Also what everybody else said, especially flarenut.

Yastreblyansky said...

Beautiful job on ID of that Average Joe. I don't think there's any question. The annual compensation of an average VP at Goldman Sachs, by the way, is $246,920 according to Not easy putting both kids through Dalton and holding on to the Hamptons place on that kind of money, I imagine.

Anonymous said...

Uh, Joe, look at a photo from Yalta. American World War II veterans were allied with the Soviet Union.

John Taylor said...

There should be a rule: anyone who invokes Hitler's name or the word Nazi should automatically lose the argument.

Daro said...

The rich ritually trot out the "Politics of Envy" argument anytime anyone objects to the obscene imbalances in wealth distribution. They have to be called out on it immediately. It's a blatant ad hominem ploy that is impossible to rebut with any facts since it's a character slur. It nearly always achieves its objective which is to smack away from addressing the actual facts in discussion. I'm hyper-aware of this argument and you should be too. If you immediately pounce on it and label it for what it is, you snatch away the one, single, smug argument Ritchie Rich can throw into the ring and leaves him naked because besides that, they got nothing.

trnc said...

" But do you know who does possess all of the aforementioned powers? The government."

No shit, Joe. Why in hell do you think we want to keep the Koch's, Waltons and all the other ass-clowns from getting that power?

Chai T. Ch'uan said...

Gotta love the qualifier he slips in there: largest "peacetime" gubmint expenditure in modern American history, eh?

Why, just think how many amputations, brain damages, suicides, military contractor golf junkets, and post-traumatic stress disorders we could spend that several trillion dollars on if weren't wasting it on free college tuitions for undeserving teenagers who haven't yet "served" their, I mean his, country!

Donald J. Trump said...

Especially when their favorite president was also a Democratic Socialist. Hitler was a Fascist anyway.