Tuesday, May 21, 2024

My "Unified Reich" T-shirt is raising many questions that are answered by my "Unified Reich" T-shirt

Image via FineScale Modeler.

Trump's mind going totally blank, you really have to watch it: 

Update: Philip Bump at WaPo points out that the video was made with stock footage, and links an ad for the company that sells it, which just happens to feature the same footage;

A person who does motion graphics and video editing work emailed with a link to the stock footage used in the video Trump shared. This person noted that they’d used the same template recently, noting that the designer of the Trump video had apparently not swapped out the filler text included by default.

Bump thinks that proves it was an accident, but these accidents, like the Hillary with Star of David on a bed of greenbacks, or the swastika tweet, or the Mussolini quote, do happen an awful lot.  Also, did Scavino or somebody steal the footage from the ad instead of paying for it?


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