Monday, February 27, 2023


Whose brilliant idea was this?
... Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is drawing praise from a previous Florida governor who sought the Republican presidential nomination in a field that included Donald Trump: Jeb Bush.

“Who better to do it than someone who’s been outside of Washington, who’s governed effectively, who I think has shown that Florida can be a model for the future of our country,” Bush said of DeSantis during an interview that was part of a Fox Nation program exploring the emergence of DeSantis on the national stage.

... Fox News’s Brian Kilmeade asked Bush if he believes now is the right opportunity for DeSantis to seek higher office.

“I think it is,” Bush said. “He’s been a really effective governor. He’s young. I think we’re on the verge of a generational change in our politics. I kind of hope so. I think it’s time for a more forward-leaning, future-oriented conversation in our politics, as well.”
I know that Rupert Murdoch wants to promote both DeSantis's forthcoming memoir (which is published by the Murdoch-owned HarperCollins) and DeSantis's candidacy, but why do it with this guy? RedState's Jerry Wilson writes:
One suspects that if DeSantis does run, Trump will wield Bush’s endorsement as a bludgeon against DeSantis, associating him with the selfsame establishment neocon military foreign involvement lovers to which Trump stands in direct opposition....

The only less desirable endorsements would be from Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and Paul Ryan. Include Liz Cheney as well.
Did Wilson say "Paul Ryan"? Here's a story from Fox:
Former House Speaker Paul Ryan says he will miss the Republican National Convention in 2024 if former President Donald Trump wins the party's nomination....

"For the Republican convention in Milwaukee, where will you be?" a reporter for ABC 12 asked.

"It depends on who the nominee is," Ryan responded. "I'll be here if it's somebody not named Trump."

"You won't show up if it's Trump?" the reporter pressed.

"No I'm not interested in participating in that, no," Ryan said.

"Even in Wisconsin?" the reporter prodded.

"Even in Wisconsin," Ryan finished.
Ryan -- a member of Fox's board of directors -- must think he's doing his boss's favorite candidate a solid, but the Fox commenters would be thrilled if he stayed away from the convention, even the ones who like DeSantis:
I wasn’t interested in voting for Trump again but now I’ve reconsidered. Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham and others are just a small fraction of what’s wrong with the Republican Party.


I live in Wisconsin. If DeSantis wins nomination, who I will support, and makes a stop here with Paul Ryan I will help boo Ryan off the stage.


I've become exhausted by all of Trump's drama but I absolutely hate Ryan and his fellow RINOS you mentioned and add the likes of Nikki Haley and Liz Cheney.


Trump did more for the American people and the country in his one term than other Republicans have done for decades, including Ryan.


Paul Ryan should explain which of the Trump policies were not good for the USA. I suspect, if Ryan is like other RINOs, it was the fact that Trump didn't start any new wars, in fact, he ended a few. Is Ryan agains tax cuts, oil independence, borders under control, low inflation, etc.? Likely just the tweets were offensive.


Paul Ryan is as relevant to US Politics in 2023 as Lyndon Johnson. His time is over, and never coming back. Stop giving him a platform.


RYAN IS THE PLATFORM. Literally he's a Fox News board member. He's establishment swamp, and the establishment swamp is shoving DeSantis down everyone's throats. Underestimate Trump and MAGA at your own risk Ryan and DeSantis.


Hi Paul Ryan. Can you skip it regardless of who wins the primary? Because you aren't exactly the blueprint to winning anything. So go on a long vacation with Mitt or something. Politics really isn't your thing.
The vast majority of rank-and-file Republican voters fall into one of two camps: (1) people who want to fight a culture war on the libs led by Ron DeSantis and (2) people who want fight a culture war on the libs led by Donald Trump. They reject any Republican who ever lost to the libs. (The Trump loyalists think he actually won the 2020 election.)

Rupert Murdoch doesn't get this. He dredges up pre-Trump retreads like Bush and Ryan in the belief that there are voters who care what they think. There aren't. If Murdoch knew what he was doing, he'd be trying to get Glenn Greenwald and Scott Adams and the Libs of TikTok woman to endorse DeSantis. What he's doing is a gift to the Trump campaign.

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