Thursday, December 22, 2022

GOP Schadenfreude Roundup

This should be a happy time of year for everyone (and by "everyone" I mean everyone who isn't a Republican), so for today--or at least for right now--I'll ignore all the doom and gloom and instead post happy stories from the GOP Klown Kar Krackup:

  • Marjorie Taylor Greene is fighting with Lauren Boebert and Matt Gaetz (she's on team McCarthy, they're both Never Kevins);
  • Kevin McCarthy is threatening GOP senators who vote for the omnibus bill;
  • GOP senators are unimpressed;
  • The Federalist has had it with Mitch McConnell;
  • Increasingly desperate supporters of Kevin McCarthy (R-Flopsweat) have taken to wearing buttons referencing the slogan "Kevin Is Chosen, Kevin Means Everything", or KICKME*; and
  • Newly elected GOP Rep. George Santos, who never worked for Goldman Sachs, never went to Baruch College or NYU, didn't have grandparents in the Holocaust, invented a non-existent charity, and responded to these allegations with a fake Churchill quote, may also have been lying about being openly gay.

    And that's leaving aside Trump's increasing multi-front legal jeopardy, which to be fair may not end in any more consequences than all of his previous lawbreaking.

    Anyway, happy holiday season to all who celebrate a holiday, and remember: Dems in Disarray!

    *I made this one up
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