Sunday, June 26, 2022


Adam Serwer is essentially correct:
... the Supreme Court has become an institution whose primary role is to force a right-wing vision of American society on the rest of the country. The conservative majority ... takes whatever stances define right-wing cultural and political identity at a given moment and asserts them as essential aspects of American law since the Founding, and therefore obligatory.... the current majority’s approach is ... one in which the dictates of the Constitution retrospectively shift with whatever Fox News happens to be furious about. Legal outcomes preferred by today’s American right conveniently turn out to be what the Founding Fathers wanted all along.
It's not just Fox News -- it's the entire right-wing media apparatus, including talk radio and religious radio, which is why Roe was high on the list of targets.

Many people think contraception bans will be endorsed by the Court soon. I understand that -- Clarence Thomas, in a concurrence in the abortion case, said the court "should reconsider" its 1965 decision overturning a state ban on contraception, as well as decisions overturning bans on same-sex marriage and homosexual sex.

But contraception -- for the most part -- isn't high on the right-wing media's target list. The right will want to ban the morning-after pill, and probably IUDs, which can prevent implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterus. Gynecologists say that pregnancy begins with implantation, not fertilization, so these methods actually aren't abortifacients. But much of the religious right disagrees. So these will be targeted.

However, banning condoms and diaphragms and birth-control pills isn't high on the right's wish list. Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham aren't doing endless segments on these forms of birth control.

There's much more right-wing anger about race, so we'll see more Court rulings permitting restrictions on voting by non-white people and, probably soon, the elimination of restrictions on racial gerrymandering. There's anger about immigration, so birthright citizenship is probably in the Court's crosshairs. There's anger at the LGBT community, so same-sex marriage and gay sex will be targeted again. And there's anger about efforts to shift America away from fossil fuels -- so the Court, probably this week, is likely to severely restrict the ability of federal agencies to regulate carbon emissions. (The people most determined to see the Court do that, of course, are the right-wing fossil-fuel billionaires who have bankrolled Republican politcal campaigns for decades and have funded the interest groups that built this Court majority.)

You'll say that the right wants to ban contraception because it wants to keep women subordinate. Apart from the goal of making the rich richer, I'm not convinced anymore that the right has any long-term societal goals in mind -- right-wingers just want the raw satisfaction of causing us immediate and ongoing pain, as they seize power and hold it forever just to keep it out of our hands. I don't see any evidence that they regard birth control as particularly important for liberals specifically. That's why I don't think it's high on the target list. But we'll see.

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